Subway system under town

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  1. Imagine a subway system going to every single plot. You could have like a giant railway station making it possible to find malls and stuff without actually wandering all these streets.
  2. I hate to be offtopic, but what exactly is your skin? It looks like Pedobear :confused:
  3. But there's this whole thing called /v or /v random...
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  4. That wouldn't help the least bit to be honest. You also have the comand /visit and forums are your dispense to look to malls and get easy access to them.
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  5. I sort of have that under my residence...
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  6. it is.
  7. Well, I don't believe you're aware, but Empire Minecraft has a policy which states that players may only use skins deemed appropriate. Due to its connotations with paedophilia, depicting the Pedobear character on your skin is deemed unacceptable. I would suggest you change it quickly, or you may face a tempban.
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  8. Then its not pedobear. it is a bear....
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  9. There is no need for this, this is just a useless way since you can just do /v ( number ) or /v ( name )
  10. I don't get why there's so much hate on so many of the Suggestion Threads. It's simply a suggestion after all! There's no need to shoot down other's ideas right out of the sky, when nothing suggested is promised to be implemented in-game. Why not just expand off of other's idea, rather than just saying this suggestion is useless or unneeded, and depraving the person who thought that this idea may be a cool feature to add to EMC?

    In terms of this suggestion, I do think it would probably not be the best use of time and there are many other things that the majority of work is being spent on, but hey, I spent hours to build a sewer system that has an entrance and connects to every city block on my City Server on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, so you never know.
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  11. I wasn't calling out anyone on this Thread in particular :) Constructive criticism is different from negativity.
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  12. i have actually been started making one, which at the moment is only going under certain res's
  13. Isnt it faster to just type /v Luckypat or what ever then riding a Subway?
  14. But riding a subway would be cooler, tho ong distance Wouldnt be
  15. 1. Skins that can be considered offensive (PedoBear, Hitler, naked skins, etc) are not allowed on EMC. Please change it.

    2. Subways have been suggested and turned down before.
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  16. This would take so long to build...
    I mean, its not like there are tens of thousands of reses or anything...
  17. I have no idea what pedo bear is.
    Do I want to know?
  18. A bear that was first used as a safety mascot for a town in Japan. Then, the site 4Chan saw it, they decided to make it into a bear that's well, a paedophile.
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  19. And thus, children, the phrase "off-topic" gets a new meaning.
    Back on topic, this was a good suggestion, but not top priority right now. Aikar has his hands full as it is, so it's probably not going to be a feature of EMC, or at least not for a while. However, you can pay a Sr. Staff member 10k to link one side of your residence with one next to yours, either above or below. :)