[STREAM] Sefl's Official Stream Thread

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  1. Be sure to drop a follow in order to know when I'm streaming!

    My current streaming schedule is very hectic due to me quitting my job and trying to get onto a new sleep schedule for running my own business! Here on this thread I will have info on anything and everything related to my streams! I'm currently hoping to stream 3-5 Times a week maybe more if I can figure out what to stream on EMC I will also be playing some Single Player to work on breaking a world record for the longest tunnel in Minecraft! My streams should last about 1 hour to 3 hours maybe even 4 hours if I get started on a big project!


    I figured I'd start up this thread due to my lack of ideas on what to stream on EMC! Recently I've run into a major "Creators Block" and I'm not sure what to do!
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  2. telling you, stream some building or some weddings or something.. but you could also sing for us :p

    I don't really care what you stream because you're just enjoyable to watch overall so...
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  3. Get a couple people and go out to the stream base a build something just to stream it.. Or find a spawner and build a grinder.
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  4. on emc, events, as many as you can attend ;p
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  5. I love that you are back to streaming. I would love to watch events and you building in and out of town
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  6. Woohoo! Go seflz :D

    I highly recommend streaming while going through the Halloween event once it comes out. ;)
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  7. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.
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  8. Lovely :)

    You should stream yourself doing stairway to heaven ;) :p
  9. Alrighty guys! We're gonna go mining today! :eek: If / when EMC comes back online... :oops: #BlameTheHorse I'm gonna see how long of a tunnel I can mine :rolleyes: