Stranger Things *Spoiler Free*

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  1. I had to make the thread.

    For those who have not seen/heard of Stranger Things, this show is amazing. It is a Netflix exclusive show. Here is a trailer. Just wanted you all to watch the show because it is possibly the best show on TV I have seen in recent years. I am already awaiting season 2 and the first season has only been out over 2 weeks now :(. Kinda watched the whole first season in the span of like 12 hours (only about 8 hours of content... needed a break in between episodes- couldnt contain the excitement). :p

    I think the trailer shows a bit much but if your into that kind of thing its in the spoiler below- or you can take my word and so many other's word for it being so amazing.

    Thats all for me.

    Lets keep this thread spoiler free please. You can post what you like about the show etc... but lets keep it a surprise for those who havent seen it! Oh, and if you wanna discuss theories or the show in general with full spoils- Feel free to PM me :)
  2. I'll check it out tonight; watched trailer looked awesome!

    Thanks for this
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  3. Is it a movie bit by bit or is it just one in total?

    Btw sorry I'm 3 hours away from home
  4. Its a show. It has 8 episodes that are about 50 minutes each. Its a show that you watch in order though as it is laid out that way.
  5. :eek: there IS a spioler in it :eek:

    I'm a horrible person -_-
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  6. Awesome well no school tomorrow * cough I'm sick cough*
  7. >.>
  8. I don't see one???
  9. The trailer is in a spoiler and Jelle just HAD to point it out! :p
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  10. hoi

    those things are called spoilers aswell :p
  11. Illuminati confirmed!