stop losing money, i will help

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  1. Hell guys, because all of you guys are complaining about losing money in your shops or "mega malls." I'm here to help you guys out. I will check all your malls and find all the mistakes in them, for a minimal price too. I see tons of malls making silly mistakes where players can buy their items and sell it back to them for a profit.

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  2. Your help was really useful!
  3. What he Does is worth it! It helps You a lot!
  4. If you are unsure about your prices, check 4005 for a good average.
  5. Is that like when I pointed out to you that your sticky pistons were priced lower than your regular pistons?
  6. Yes, same
  7. well already did facu12301 shop found lots of mistakes and told them all of them, he could of lost thousands of rupees easily
  8. I am afraid I cant give You 1k
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  9. lol, way to drop the bombshell
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  10. It really makes me sad when I have to delete dozens of posts because people can't leave a thread alone.

    If you don't have something constructive to say, just don't post. You are not obligated to post on a thread. We don't need more hatred and spam floating around these forums.

    Many players have lost large sums of money due to shop sign abuse.. what is the real problem surrounding this idea? The fact that he wants to help people for a relatively tiny sum of money?
  11. mba2012 why did you like this, have we suddenly changed sides?
  12. The problem with this service is that the only problem with shop signs is making sticky pistons lower priced than pistons. And other things like that. You can no longer make you sell price higher than your buy price.

    I am equinox_boss' clone.
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  13. Thank-you crazy, it really means a lot to me.
    I hope your guys can please stop bulling me.
  14. Sorry for whatever I did. I was only warning you not to criticize the staff for them being "haters".
  15. ...
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  16. Quiet. Everyone. Unless you are here to ask for his service/be relevant to it, don't post anything.
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  17. please close thread moderators too many edits to cover up things previously said
  18. I request your help :p
  19. This help should be given for free, not for rupees. I see a mistake in a shop sign? I report it to the owner. I don't ask for money to do that. They should have checked it in the first place, but if you own a mega mall this can be hard, so they may need the extra help.
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  20. Why don't u just go away.
    People are not making mistakes they are no just realising how people can gain money.
    I dont do mistakes as in when you accidentally add a wrong digit to your price sign.
    I do the errors that i see all malls do when people can trade/craft and other stuff to gain money buy buying and selling to the same shop with item they bought!
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