Stone Slab Exchange

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    This is a test run for now. I will add more exchanges whenever I want.

    What is this?
    Basically, I give you items for stone slabs.

    Because, stone slabs. Is that not obvious?
    Oh, and I want to get rid of all this crap.

    How can I make one of the deals?
    You can either message me what you want and tell me where I can retrieve the stone slabs
    You can mail me the stone slabs needed with the item(s) you want for the name of the mail

    What are the exchanges?
    The exchanges are not final and more can/will be added/changed/removed

    What I want > What you get

    32 Stone Slabs > 1 Diamond
    1 Stone Slab > 1 Carrot
    1 Stone Slab > 1 Potato
    2 Stone Slabs > 1 Spruce Log
    2 DCs of Stone Slabs > 1 Random Promo** (18 left)

    **Promo is undamaged and is whatever I find laying around
  2. I will actually do this. Hooray for you, huh?!
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  3. So much yes.
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  5. I wonder what Sky has in store for all these stone slabs...
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  6. What kind of stone slabs are you talking about?
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  7. He is, almost 100% sure, talking about smooth stone slabs. The light gray kind with the dark gray borders.
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  8. Hate to be that guy that mentions this but wouldn't a "random promo" be a gambling thing? Unless you say what promo it is before you actually do the trade, the I think it's fine. If it's legal, I can have 5 DCs of stone slabs for you by tomorrow for 5 promos if you'd like :)
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  9. I have 5 DCs for you. It is on SMP5, residence 11352. I would like 5 promos, please. More in the future. Proof of 2, but there are more here for you. Please leave the promos in the chests.
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  10. Sky you're back! And of course I'll be giving you some stone slabs:p
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  11. But what if you just moved the same stone slabs into a different chest?
    Wha'cha think about that...
  12. Anyone remember /v 2222, the gigantic melon farm made of melons? I'm beginning to suspect that by the time Sky's done with whatever he plans on doing with these slabs, he's going to make Nick's melon obsession look like a passing glance.

    On that note, there's a DC of stone slabs awaiting you at /v 8961 on /smp4. If you're absolutely sure that you're willing to part with a promo in exchange for them, I certainly would appreciate it. :)
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  13. Ah... that's actually a good idea. Perhaps I should do something like this, too, to get rid of my diamonds.
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  14. I wouldn't call it gambling. When you gamble, you are taking a risk. I would hope that you guys don't think I would scam you guys.

    And I was going to do this or make a video of me throwing all my non-stone slabs in lava. I took the one that got me more stone slabs.
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  15. The year is 2020, stone slabs have become the official currency of EMC.
    I will see how many stone slabs I have! :)
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  16. Your 5 promos are ready to be delivered. :)

    5 promotional items delivered. :)

    2 promotional items delivered. :)

    Please read the tiny text at the bottom. I have changed it from unused to undamaged. I will be giving you guys used promos, but nothing will have missing durability.
  17. I really appreciate it, but I only set up one DC of stone slabs, not two. Do you want one of the promos back? :) That is, do you want it back once I figure out where you put it, because the double-chest of slabs is still full? :p
  18. Whoops, I have mistaken you for somebody else. :/

    Taken the slabs and delivered your promo
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  19. I hope you got a ore buster lying around... over at 7236 at house in, go inside to the left area and there is a DC for you
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  20. Hmm, I would be VERY interested in participating! Messaging you now.
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