sticky pistons misbehaving

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  1. I'm out at my wither skele farm on SMP3. I've discovered that my sticky pistons have stopped working properly. In some instances, they won't push a block when activated but will extend when the block in front of the piston is removed. In all cases, the piston won't pull the block in front of it back when it retracts. This just started today, and appears to be affecting hundreds of sticky pistons at my farm. I built a test setup using a single sticky piston and verified that the problem exists with new placements of a piston as well as the existing pistons.
  2. Yeah that happened to me aswell, i think it is a 1.9 thing
  3. That is due to the new update that Aikar made... fix this!
  4. Are you referring to the anti-griefing update, or something more recent?
  5. a sub update of the antigriefing update done yesterday night
  6. I can confirm this is also happening.
  7. Fully tested this, this is most likely a result of a recent update with the anti-griefing. Aikar should be aware of this by now :)
  8. I'm seeing this too. I believe it started happening in the last 48 hours.
  9. Aikar is aware and on it. :)
  10. Looks like it's fixed. Nice work, y'all!
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  11. It isn't fixed for me... none of my sticky pistons that control various doors in our outpost are working. Been this way for a while now... really frustrating.
  12. The carthaga netherrail entrance door is broken likely due to this
  13. Doubtful. This bug has been fixed by Aikar quite a while ago. And when he did things should have gone back to normal.

    My theory: was that door build by more than one player? The new block protection (anti-grief) has an issue with pushing blocks which have different owners. So, say, I place a sticky piston and my friend Aya places a (uncommon) block in front of it then my piston will refuse to push the block.

    I'd start there.