Stew's Redstone Reviewz

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  1. Stew's Redstone Reviews

    So, as many of you may know, I have done a few redstone reviews in the past. I was posting a new thread each time a new review came up but I decided to make one thread and have posts dedicated to reviews. The links to the first three reviews will be linked to a different thread however, reviews 4-? will be on this thread.

    All redstone creations work on EMC unless I have stated that I am unaware.
    Review Links:
  2. Redstone Review- 4

    Machine: Witherless AFK Tree Farm
    Youtube Video by GTexperience

    Last 3 images show it works with Birch, Jungle, Pine, and default Oak.
    See machine in person at res (3161@trees) smp2.

    • Compactness: 10/10
      • This machine takes up a total of 11x11x14 (lxwxh) which is not that much space for what it does.
    • Neatness: 10/10
      • Very neat and clean, design allows for much decor to fit into any base style.
    • Usefulness: 10/10
      • Says it all, who doesn't need wood in MC. And you can get said wood while watching a movie or reading a book, what more could you ask for?!

    • Get wood while afk
    • Very easy to use
    • Resource Friendly

    • I think there is an smp issue which wont dispense sapplings to you, I am working on fixing that without making it complicated.
    • Sometimes the bud activator messes up and needs to be reset by placing a sapling or block and then breaking it again, this has happened to me only twice and I already filled a DC with logs.
    I was waiting for 1.9 to come out so I could make one of these and boy am I glad that I did. Best way to use it is putting weights on your keys and letting it go to town while you do other activities by your computer! :)
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