Redstone Review- 3

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  1. Hi EMC, I am going to continue my redstone review series I started in early June before my computer died on me and I had to discontinue the short series. I am changing it from a weekly series to more of a- whenever I find a cool redstone thing series. The first two parts can be seen at the bottom of the thread- after this review.

    Redstone Review- 3

    Machine: Automatic Potion Brewer
    Youtube Video:

    Works in 1.9!
    Pictures on EMC:

    I have 4 of the brewers side by side for more efficiency.

    • Compactness: 4.5/5
    • Neatness: 4/5
    • Usefulness: 5.5/5

    • Brews 2 sets at a time
    • Tilable (except needs 1 block in between)
    • Very fast
    • Very resource friendly

    • If you leave the chunk w/o turning it off, it screws up the brew
    • Have to manually input ingredients.
    So, for a while I was looking for a design that worked on EMC, I had found one a couple days ago that forevermaster0 helped me perfect, but it only did one potion set at a time. I wanted something that would let me go read a book and brew potions for me. I scoured the internet until I found a design by someone that doesnt even speak English, and what do you know? That design works amazingly. I made about 9DC of fire resist 8:00 potions in less than an hour (maybe more than an hour.. I was reading a book, time flies by).
    --See the machine in person at: /v 5717 (find the teleporter there labeled "mass brewer")--

    Review- 1
    Review- 2
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  3. I heard people asking about brewers that work in 1.9, and I can guarantee you that this one works in 1.9 :)
  4. Clever design. I never saw this thread before, thanks for bumping.
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  5. I have modified the design very simply to allow for the max brew (6 steps w/Dragon Breath (1.9))

    You can see it in person at (/v 5717) on the TP "Mass Brewer".

  6. Yup, its a number. Don't disrespect it. It's like saying 110%.
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