Redstone Review- 1

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  1. I was sitting here doing nothing when I came up with the idea to do redstone reviews from time to time.
    #1: 1.8+ Tree Farm

    This farm uses new 1.8 slime blocks as a leaf crusher. Saplings get automatically shot into your inventory and all the logs get pushed into a large area. The farm is decently fast and compact. I hired someone to build it for me and all he had to do was change some timings to get it to work on EMC I believe. I highly recommend people to make this farm, it costed about 10k in materials and is well worth it. It eats bonemeal like crazy.

    The only downside to the farm is that if you spam tree saplings (hold right click) the tree has a possibility of growing too fast. One way around this is to place a sapling once the bottom repeater you can see when looking at the dirt flashes.

    My rating: 9.5/10


    Thanks for reading, I might do more of these in the future, and hopefully you decide to build this beauty for your own.

    You can see all the redstone on display at (/v 5044 trees)
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  2. Shoot me a pm.We'd love to have content like this on the EMC Blog. You would be given full credit :)
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  3. Looks really complicated... and awesome at the same time.
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  4. I have decided I will do a redstone review weekly. Have a redstone creation/tutorial you want me to review, PM me.
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  5. Looks nice. I may just build one of these! :D Thanks, Stew!
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