Redstone Review- 2

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  1. Hi guys, this is the second part in my redstone review. The first part may be seen here.

    This time I will be reviewing "The Tiny 3x3 Piston Door" which can be seen in the spoiler labeled "tutorial".

    As you can see if you opened the video, this is a VERY compact 3x3 piston door. I was having tons of problems with this door on EMC. Special thanks to ShelLuser for making the door work without making the redstone too complex.

    The door cascades fast and you can spam the lever and it wont break so you can have this contraption on your res and even give access to it (the only thing about spamming it is it breaks for one sec then you just click the lever 2 more times to fix it :))!

    You can use any materials to make the door and it costs around 2500r estimated to make it- the redstone does not show from the outside (if you cover it with a few blocks) and the inside shows only one piston extending which can be hidden easily.

    This contraption can be used by redstone aficionados and builders alike.

    You can see and use the contraption at: /v 5044 trees

    I am going to rate in a couple/few sections from here on out:

    Complexity- The build is VERY easy to build so my rating will be 9/10!

    Compactness- The build fits into a 8x4x7 area (LxWxD) so... my rating is 10/10!

    That is it for this week! Got a contraption you want me to show off? Tell me below!

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  2. I have that same door in my res:D
  3. bump, I already have my next one planned! Plan on seeing another review next Thursday.