Status Update: EMC Lag

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Nothing released yet, but I just wanted to let everyone know I think I've found the culprit behind a majority of the lag seen on EMC... Relating to chat!

    It relates to some legacy code of the Empire Chat system, using an old event that is recommended to not use, but simply haven't gotten around to fully getting rid of it... I recently did do large efforts into migrating to the new recommended event, but now it looks like we REALLY have to finish that job.

    It's really too technical to give details on why it causes lag, but I'm hoping once I finish up this a majority of all block lag should be gone.
  2. Woooh!
  3. Chat causes block lag... Ok then :p
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  4. Dun Dun duN!!!!!!
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  5. Blame 1.7 and netty...
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  6. :)
  7. #StopBlamingAikar
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  8. How about how the water flow perms are set, didn't that cause a problem too?
  9. Goodbye lag.
  10. Woo, no more Smp7 lag. :D
  11. Now I know why smp7 is so laggy versus the other servers! It is because it is always so fun and chatty :D
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  12. The Water/Lava flow flag does give some lag. But generally it isn't continuous. Most often it could cause problems probably upon loading. Or if there would be a LOT of block updates near them.
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  13. Did the dev's give up on witch hut fixing? Since its gone from the "current:" tab
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  14. No they found out it still worked
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  15. Yay. Also I found out that 1.8 will give people very little lag. I mostly lag a lot with out optifine, but When I was playin gin the snapshot I didnt have optifine and I had 70 fps. Optifine with that would boost that maybe to 90 even! Woohoo. And now that Aikar is also making it lag even less!
  16. Just wait. Mojang will do something that causes server lag issues, and will largely overlook it since they are intent on completely changing the game.
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  17. So when will the lag be gone? Thanks! :)
  18. Oh great :/
  19. But thanks to Aikar, we can combat that. :p
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