Starting supplies for players who lose res to derelict policy

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  1. Currently a player can only get starting supplies from the tutorial one time, which is understandable given the value of the starting armor.

    However, I think it would be nice to encourage players to start again if they come back to EMC after going derelict. Even a few saplings, spawn eggs, basic tools, and maybe a few extra rupees to help them get started again would be nice. These supplies should not be unique in anyway that would encourage people to go derelict to gain them.

    Maybe any easy way to do this is just to have each newly claimed res to spawn a chest with a few basic items in it, nothing of great value, but enough for a start. Also the system could put a couple thousand rupees in a players account when a res gets recycled by the system or force claimed by a player.

    Just a few ideas to help out players who return to EMC.
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  2. I think this is a great idea.
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  3. Great idea, +1 from me :)
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  4. not a bad idea, should probably get a consensus about what kind of items would be in said chest. most of us are too old to remember what we needed most back then
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  5. +1
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  6. a stack of diamonds
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  7. maybe 16, but not 64
  8. No. That would be way too much. That means every player would start out with 64 diamonds.

    I kind of like this idea though.
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  9. +1 Love the idea, but we would have to figure out exactly what is mostly needed by players to give them the best experience coming back. :)
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  10. I'm just thinking about realistically what I would want if I was coming back after being derelict and this is what I would want:

    Some wood to make sticks
    Diamonds to make tools
    XP to enchant them
    Food to take out into the wild

    that's really it. Right now the starter pack gives you all the stuff to get the stuff I listed while still making you work for it so I think it's good.

    +1 for giving players coming back after going derelict a new starter pack
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  11. all of the above plus some saplings to grow more wood on new res; sheep, cow, chicken spawn eggs (whatever is given in tutorial); a bit of iron that could be used to make armor or tools.
  12. full marlix gear and momentus drops
    5 vault vouchers
    64 diamond blocks
    ore buster
    64 enchanted gold apples
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  13. How about 1,000,000,000 rupees, 50 of every special item in excistence, a double chest of every item in the game, 100 vault pages, 100 stables, and every current plot on the server. :p
  14. +1 love the idea
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  15. I liked Ultimamaxx's idea better actually, because it would actually still practically be possible, just not that fair.
  16. Heh, this is sort of something we semi already do.

    When players come back and mention losing res's to us, we generally offer some form of gift to help get them rebuilding.

    Anyone who comes back to nothing will def get some help from us in getting back running.
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  17. Might as well say the same thing for new players. Why give them starter kits when players give them things anyway? It would make us look at a lot more professional if we actually gave automated kits to people who went derelict.
  18. And a lot less personal, less friendly, more empty ;)
  19. it would have to be stuff that that would need but couldnt just go derelict 5 times and get a dc of diamond blocks and stuff. simple things
  20. People could re-claim their res if the owner of the res who claimed their res is direlect. All stuff is saved.