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  1. So while I continue to learn Unity, ive been working on a game called Star Machine on my own, it has super cool music, but I cant show that in a picture. I got inspired by Neon Drive, and many other games. Its going to be a awesome 3D platformer. Ive been trying out a lot of cool screen effects also. Let me know what you think so far.

    What kind of screen effects should I do to make it seem more sci-fi 80s?
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    More recent picture
  3. Looks like something out of TRON. Not much else to go on, since it's a mostly-empty room with some geometric shapes.
    Are the repetitive "bump" posts really necessary? You've barely got anything here to discuss. Maybe hold off with bumps and updates until you have something to show for all your work - a demo perhaps, or a youtube / soundcloud link to that music you mentioned.

    Also, this:
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  4. Whoops sorry Ill get rid of those bumps. Ill post when I have a bigger update/video
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  5. when will this game be released?
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  6. probably Monday or something
  7. this monday the 18th
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  8. Yeah
  9. ok 1 more thing do i just search up star machine to play the game
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  10. Ill have a link, itll be posted to GameJolt, this is one of my older games, warning, its really bad, I didnt spend any time at all to fix bugs.
  11. Is it out??
  12. I'll give it a try once you've got a decent-to-good demo going.
  13. I was real close, then I updated Unity to the new version and it corrupted all the files of that project for some reason, I filed a bug report but they never respond to those. So, I learned a lot of cool Unity 5 features working on that, and ive been developing a more fun game, its called "Realistic Jousting", inspired by Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. I tried to make a video of it, but I forgot to fix something so you dont really see the magic of what happens, (ragdolls flying everywhere) but you see the point.
    Observe :p
  14. Is that game done?