Stained Glass 1.7

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Like Stained Glass?

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  1. This is right Empire Minecraft, Minecraft 1.7 now has stained glass and glass panes and there is no more of that pesky bug that makes water disappear. Just think of all the possibilities now.

    EDIT: Apparently they added White Stained Glass Pane Pane ( it actually says that )
    This makes me feel so happy!
    All the possibilities! :D
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  3. Red Windows... :)
  4. It's like a glassy rainbow o.o
    ....Rainbow windows....
  5. They also rewrote huge chunks of the rendering and networking.
    But yeah, that too
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  6. Omg the possibilities!
  7. pfft who cares about important stuff, we got colored glass!
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  8. What's next, colored wood planks?

  9. Tweeted by Dinnerbone before 1.6. he went against it and added Stained Clay. But this just might happen...
  10. Coloured glass which might not have been possible were it not for some other important stuff added in previous snapshots.
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  11. Ummm, sheesh, am I the only one who noticed? COLORED SAND
  12. Wat
  13. Finally, I thought this was the absolute best feature out of 2.0! :p
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  14. We only have one colour, red, acts the same as regular sand, can't be made and was added in 13w39a
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  15. I haven't been keeping up with the snapshots :p
  16. You can make some cool stuff:

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  17. What is that a small cat in the glass to the right of dinnerbone or whoever photobombs these update pics?
  18. Grumm, I think. And this sounds amazing! Oh, the possibilities! This will create a whole new era of building. Colored Wool + Stained Clay + Colored Carpet + Stained Glass + Various Rainbow Colored Blocked = A Minecraft Skittles commercial.
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  19. Still waiting for ships and dragons.
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