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  1. As we all know,
    one of the more important thing at any server is the Moderation,
    well, i have seen many threads about not enough moderators, bad moderators etc...
    Today (when i got inside the always full smp3) i got the surprize of no moderator at all :S mods.png
    it was pretty weird but no news to me...
    I habe been keeping track of this case and i believe the only answer is: More moderators.
    Well, i know we got 21 staff members actually covering this, but some of them are not *moderating* pretty well, or simply are inactive.

    My idea is that those inactive or not functionall moderators are replaced with active members (who do want to be moderators) and that have shown interest about emc etc...
    Well, i won't put myself here *tho you must be saying that i just make this thread to get moderator or something* but i do have a list of active players that could be moderating the servers.
    Also, maybe considering 5 moderators/server (6x5 = 30 without counting utopia) would be nice, that way there is more chance for a moderator to be online all the time :)

    I make this thread only because it's a bummer to see lots of players doing bad stuff (like spamming, caps, being irrespectful...) and see that he's free to do it for that time.

    Thanks for reading :D
  2. yeah, some server dont have mods period

    i think we need more mods
  3. I'ave had to answer this a few times already. I will make an official post about it soon.
  4. OK GUYS! lets make this clear once and for all!

    Have you guys not been reading the forums?!?

    I have seen many a threads on this topic.

    But I will give it to you straight!

    Justin has made a program called square, which lets the moderators moderate outside of the game. They can monitor ALL of the servers at once from this piece of software. This is the reason why you are seeing them on less often.

    Please read the forums before posting a thread like this.
  5. Even though there is no moderator inside the server at all times, just know that staff are in fact watching the servers. We now have a tool at our disposal that allows us to moderate the servers while not having to be on the server. The constant complaints from people who say there are not enough of us or we arent constantly active is irritating to say the least. I have a life outside of EMC so I am not on 24 hours a day. And I know that every other staff member has a life outside of this game as well.
    Justin and Jeremy choose their moderators VERY carefully. They are aware of how active people are before they are chosen to have the privilege of being a staff member. Just because we aren't visible ALL the time, does not mean we are not watching the servers and doing our duties.
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  6. Sorry, but i did talked about it, and also i readed about square.
    Also, i know that they can do cross-server, i don't actually know how they could monitor 6 server chat's on a single window tho...
    Also, mods.png (same screenshot as the online player's one)

    I think emc ain't "gay" idk you...
  7. Yeah, staff members do have life, and i agree with that, BUT, that's why i believe there should be more mods, just because of the fact that it would lower the duties each mod has to do and let them enjoy more :)
    This is something i tough would help both players and other moderators.
  8. See, like Nurse says, moderators do have lives to, on the odd chance that they are not on square, the EMC staff relies on players like yourself to send in screen shots like this to the staff. It is not solely up to the staff to keep this server in check sure its a big chunk of their duties, but it is a team effort and all players need to recognize that and help keep this community being as great as it is :)
  9. I agree with everyone here surprisingly. I think that people do deserve lives outside on EMC which come to rise Staff like amadai but I also think their power is limited. I also think that especially with smp6 EMC needs more members. Yesterday For about 15 minutes the same person was Cussing to people and EMC and it took a while for a moderator's attention to be gotten. Im saying not to change the way you pick Mods but you should at least get some more I personally like Mystul he has been on here for ages and he is always on... just my opinion
  10. Here we go, a post in another thread from Jeremy:

  11. Fact is we are all mods in a way. A screenshot away from soomeone being reported. Just handle your self with maturity, give proper warning (if is the case) and then report. If said player continues to annoy/offend you, just type /ignore playername so u dont see what they say. Problem solved.
  12. I would like to add that the in-game reporting (community self moderation) tools are getting close to being done.
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  13. Now, that helps :) will that be cross-server too?
    maybe i do /report player1 moderator1 hey moderator1, player1 is griefing right here right now! ?
  14. No you won't assign it to a moderator, it will just be like /report player1 saying bad words in chat. How the reports are handled and who claims them (what moderators) will be handled in Square.
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  15. oh, i forgot about square XD
  16. Yeah, GameKrib's talking about me when he said he had to reply to this a few times. On the post Lol, goodbye Emc :), I was talking about how I never see any mods on anymore. Great (and upset) minds think alike!;)
  17. This is pretty true, i do believe that it is possible to monitor from square, but its not the same as being able to ask for help or talk to them about someone in game. I think there should be AT LEAST 1 mod online on every server (especially 5 and 6) at ALL TIMES. smp5 and smp6 are seeing minimal mod attention from my POV. ( i live on smp5)
  18. I haven't seen any threads about bad moderators... Where are you getting this data?
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