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  1. EMC Staff Application v.11 is Now LIVE

    Our ideal candidate is:


    An EMC Moderator is the first line of defense against rule breakers and springs to action when needed, but mostly continues to be an active member of the community as a player foremost, friendly and engaging with all. Mods may also host events on occasion, but this is not their primary purpose.

    If you think you have what it takes to be an EMC Moderator, then apply! or

    Any previous application on version 10 is outdated and in order to be considered, you must fill out the new application.

    Q&A Section:

    Q: I applied for staff, when will I hear back?
    A: Due to the amount of applications we receive, you will only hear back if you are invited for an interview with Krysyy. All applications remain on hold for interview until a new version is available. Sometimes during application review we see something that may raise a concern such as limited activity, but we like the rest of the application. So we want to give more time to establish if activity will be a problem before inviting that player for an interview.

    Q: Who looks at these applications?
    A: Our Senior Staff and the Community Manager reviews the applications.

    Q: How long are applications open for?
    A: Until the new version is released. We are constantly open for Staff applications.

    Q: Can I ask staff how my application is going or how to get accepted?
    A: NO. Please do not bother us for status of your application. Doing so may actually hurt your chances because it shows a lack of patience, which is necessary as staff.

    Q: I applied on the old application form do I have to apply again?
    A: Yes. In order to be considered, you must fill out the most recent version of the application. Once a new version is live, the old entries are no longer valid.

    Q: If I get accepted, What happens next?
    A: If you are accepted for an interview you will be contacted via the forums and we will work out the details of an interview, likely through Discord. It will not be a written interview and it will be necessary for you to think on your feet.

    Q: Do you have a minimum age to apply?
    A: We are ideally looking for moderators who are mature. If you consider yourself mature, go ahead and apply. Sometimes players who are 16 are more mature than those that are 40+. Age is just a number.

    Q: I don't have a supporter rank, can I still apply?
    A: Yes! We are interested in getting the best people regardless of in-game rank. You don't buy your way to staff on EMC.

    Q: I have been punished on the server before, will this effect my application?
    A: These are looked at individually. Regarding punishments, severity and time since offense will be the most important deciding factors. We believe that everyone can change, but not overnight.

    Q: Can I apply multiple times?
    A: We prefer that you only apply once, but if you did not include all relevant information due to an error, then please re-apply to include it.

    Q: How long should do I have to be a player before applying?
    A: There is no distinct time limit, though we prefer that you have a thorough understanding of EMC to perform your duties.
  2. Reserved for additional info if needed.
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  3. Definitely not for me, but I commend any new recruits that you guys get! :D

    I love the STAFF acronym that you did. It gave me good memories of those done in Spongebob. :)
  4. Woot woot! New green beans are fun :D Maybe chickeneer will get mod someday... :rolleyes:
  5. I don't know if that can hold up in court that well ;)

    I'll throw my name in the Hat this time because I definitely will be active this year. And I also want to say good luck to everyone else who is applying!
  6. Lol, I had a list and it spelled ATSFP then I had the lightbulb go off and modified it slightly ;)
  7. I might apply. Still on the fence. :D
  8. Me too Kloned but this looks neat. Might consider it someday.
  9. Being staff would be quite interesting! I may apply upon the next version. I'd like to be a bit more active before jumping onto the team!

    To everyone applying this time around, good luck!
  10. So here I was going to post a (maybe) critical comment.. Now I chocked in my drink :eek:

    I dunno about those 5 commandments up there (you still got my vote though) but I say you qualified for... "diverting players and making them aware that there is also fun to be found in more serious matters". I just made that up, and you're welcome :D

    So this is the part where I slowly move away before I get banned... and I share that joke because I kinda know better but it won't be from trying (the only reason I shared that comment is because I need to keep up my rebellious persona).

    And that leads up into a rant/vent/or whatever. But I shall keep it short: I just wanna say that staff..... is a whole lot different and maybe even more fair than you make them out to be. I do speak from personal experience but not that kind of personal experience where, well, you know ;) EMC staff can take a bump, and that's something this player automagically recognizes and plain out respects. Even though... I also don't always agree with EMC staff.

    But seriously though... Look at EMC as it is now? I honestly think they must be doing something right here (and for the record: yah, I still hate some of the enraged stuff, hardly enough to dislike a whole server over).

    HA... and if you still read this you got caught up in a mini-vent ;) You're welcome, thanks for reading :cool:
  11. Why is there always a new application? Didn't it just get an update?
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  12. Awesome! Good luck to all applicants
  13. Take 2

    Speaking in general I think the staff are doing an amazing job but... I do sometimes wonder why they won't reach out to players who they deem worthy of being staff instead of the players having to reach out to them?

    There's something to say for both methods of course but...

    Alas, as for my original rant.. hmm, I should probably keep myself a bit more in check when writing those in the heat of the moment. Write & store in OneNote, then post the next day after proof reading :D

    Now.. at the risk of posting this at a totally wrong time (because it is for me... Basic-Fit&Fligro FTW!)

    I agree. Although I definitely appreciate the fact that EMC does not want to bother the players who are not interested one can also turn this around: why can't they recognize and identify their own quality standaards and plain out keep an eye open for those who apparently match the qualifications?

    In other words... A person who has fun (obvious if you're on EMC for a long time) and does stuff "because" and then also happens to be somewhat of a fan favorite.... Why not use your own observations and thus make up your own mind about it and act accordingly.

    Instead.... People apply because $power, EMC conducts testing while people know and we have the end results.

    Yes, very harsh. But meant with the utmost respect (no, I am NOT .... not my idea to stirr up the pot).

    What triggered this you ask? Well... maybe the fact that some of the most do-gooders that I know... maybe the fact that I got warned by staff (yet unofficially) and heck they we're right because I do admit: I can get carried away at times, though my excuse when it comes to game platforms (ok, ok... basically EMC is the only area I sometimes did this) my excuse is: I never hurt others. Quite the opposite in fact. People from the same IP upbidding each other? Doesn't that, like, mean more profit for the auctioneer?

    So that same staff who decided that more proof was needed in certain cases. That same staff who at 2 times (and 1 time for Aya) got me into a players house and then asked "was this familiar"? Yah, and let's keep this between ourselves, and I always have until now. (well, I suppose halfway).

    Let's cut to the chase: the staff who I know as having their heart in the right place and going for stability and who plain out told me: get your act together? That staff who warned me (as the - at that time - ultimate do-gooder)?

    Why are all of that staff gone out of all people?

    There is more to all of this, apologies I can't (in my current state of mind) go on nor do I want to (seriously) because it's not my intend to "rub it in". But being a long term player I do hope you can forgive me for sharing some of my grievances.

    Bottom line: Why can't EMC staff do their own job and recognize potential? Player favorites? Wasn't this a team thing to begin with? Mishaps? Don't you trust your own staff or your own gut?

    Nothing between the lines but that has always and seriously somewhat bothered me. Do your own job and maybe trust your own feelings. Who cares if $potential_candidate doesn't want to play game? That's on THEM and not you, unless you seriously feel as much entitled as some of the nay sayers seem to think.

    Disclaimer: I often find myself caught up in the middle of crap. Yes, that's what this whole thing is to me. But when people make a good point (IMO at least)... yah, I share.

    And this concludes my meddling into official business. Despite what you may think of my post I love EMC for what it is. And it is a solid darn good Minecraft server which stood the test of time. But it aint perfect, and sometimes I do think that has to be pointed out.

    Peace y'all
  14. Sssshhh Don't be telling people that we are Self-Aware AI. >.> <.< Elon Musk might come for us >.> >.> <.< <.<
  15. Wait, so, the ideal candidate... is already staff? I mean, that makes sense, but it doesn't really help those that have an interest in becoming staff... :p :rolleyes:
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  16. Perhaps they are to be staff by matter of destiny ;)
    They always were and never knew it
  17. October 2019 was last update and we would like a fresh look into who is around and what their availability is, as well as answers to the new questions asked that may not have been on the previous app. While the old app was around, it didn't give us this insight for current use as we are post 1.15 update now and players' motivation, experience, or schedules change over time.
  18. Time the thing that changes but also keeps the same.
  19. I like the acrostic poem. I always like writing those. Although....mine have sentences in them.