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  1. Staff Of The Month Suggestion

    Hey Guys, Whats going on? So I recently have had a lot of problems on EMC and whenever I go to a staff member for help to solve it they always seem to find a solution in a very kind way to the point that I couldn't decide who is better. So for today my suggestion is just a Staff of The Month suggestion, Meaning that every Month Aikar or Krysyy choose a staff member who they think has been the best acting and doing there job the best.

    Player of the Month Suggestion

    For This Suggestion, I suggest a Player of the Month. Some citizens on EMC have been very kind to me and to new players and that is something EVERYONE on EMC does even Me, and I am not exactly the kindest person you can ever meet. But Anyway, so I thought maybe those who have been kind deserve to be rewarded by a simple post By Aikar or Krysyy. So Both of them choose the player acting the kindest/ being the best citizen to EMC and they get mentioned in The Monthly Newsfeed. (Same for the Staff suggestion). So yeah thats all I gotta say and Peace out :).
    Regards, AussieZaid.
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  2. I like it. I like it alot
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  3. I like the suggestion ish but I see how drama can start over the player of the month
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  4. No point to have a player/staff of the month. Players should be good regardless of any special reward involved and staff members are just players who dedicate more time to helping people have a drama free experience. There shouldn't be an incentive to be a good person. Just be a good person.
  5. I see no problem with this. Emc already has a community appreciation award, this seems like it would make players feel good about contributing.
  6. Just Like what xXBuffa1oXx said, Its just to make players feel good about contributing to EMC.
  7. -1

    I think we should all get along and help each other because we want to help others, not to compete for a title. There has been a lot of tension coming from the UHC events, and a 'player/staff of the month' would only increase that.
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  8. Yes, we should all be helping out everyday but it's just a title as a thank you Like the EMC 100th voting bonus paper except for instead of voting its kindness. It's a reward for being kind and we all do that. Keep in mind that I suggested a post saying ''Player/staff of the month goes to ----, Thank you for your kindness please keep it up'' etc. Not a title or anything.
  9. First of all, how are you going to measure 'help'? You can't just say: "Player A helped 58 times and Player B 89 times, so Player B won", while Player A spent a lot more effort into helping people than Player B overall.

    Second problem: only one person gets rewarded a month. Say, Player B has indeed won, and Player A gets second. Player A won't be getting credits for spending so much time helping people. Same goes for a player who ended last on the list. That player helped another person, but will be pushed in a little dark corner, along with those not in first place.

    Also, the 100 voting bonus example doesn't quite resemble this case. The 100 voting bonus is something you achieve because YOU did something right. Not a single other player is involved in this. The 'player of the month' case, however, is all about BEATING other players

    Third problem: The same people will win over and over again. Although I have no evidence, logical theories or whatsoever, I can almost guarantee you that the same group of people will always take the spotlight, because those people are always out to outdo other players of that group. Therefore, other players won't even bother trying to help people anymore, because they're basically screwed for the reward.

    And let's be honest: why do we need this in the first place? Ask a random (currently active) player to help, and they will help you to the bitter end. (and by that I don't mean a player is always ABLE to help (you can't know everything), but I know for sure that every player is WILLING to help)

    EDIT: There! I helped you. I think I deserved the 'player of the month' now! :p
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  10. *a lot
  11. I'm actually all in favor of a "Staff appreciation award" however in a different form. I don't think it should be hosted / organized by EMC but set up by the community: us! Simply because, as nttimv also mentioned, how does one "measure" the performance of a staff member?

    Worse: how long before some players will start to spread rumors (or accusations :confused:) that only the staff members who have muted and/or kicked the most people would be considered for this reward? (yes, I know how ridiculous this sounds).

    And well, every month seems a bit much. But since we have some player appreciation awards (both Empire (whatever happened to that one I wonder..) and the good Samaritan) it sounds like a fun idea to put the staff a bit more into the spotlight.

    I'd only concentrate on the moderators by the way since you can't really give Senior Staff anything which they can't already make themselves (and better). Though you could also argue that it is the thought which counts, I dunno ;)
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  12. We already have something very similar to this for players and running on a 6 month basis. This allows the community to be the ones who truly choose the people among their peers that are worthy of the title. Running this contest every month would lead to issues with maintaining the submission form and ensuring everyone were to vote every month.

    As for the staff one, they are eligible for the Community Appreciation contest and should remain on the same level as other players for any custom prizes. It's not fair to allow them access to an item the community has no ability to obtain.
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  13. I agree, this just isn't fair to everyone. I would win it every time.

    *high fives self*
  14. I don't even think you should be rewarded for being kind and respectful - that's just how you should naturally act around here.

    I think the Community Defender award every 6 months is plenty incentive for being a good community member :p
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  15. I agree but I also think it isn't that simple. Because it's also a way for those who were helped to show a bit of appreciation in return, which in itself is also really nice. It works both ways.

    The only thing which I consider a bit awkward is when people start to think that you do what you do because of the existence of such rewards while in fact you're just being your usual abnormal online self :)
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  16. Yep, which is why I think they shouldn't happen that often. Twice a year, which is how it is, I find is generally a good way to do it. Someone who isn't being themselves is going to have a hard time faking it for 6 entire months so it's probably fine. However, if it's one month, I don't think it'd be too hard for someone who isn't normally that way be all jolly and helpful for a mere 30 days in hopes to snag a quick award.
  17. Sounds fun :)
  18. I don't know, I've faked being nice for almost 3 years now.:p
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  19. I knew u were never nice after all this time :eek:
    My signature proves it :p
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  20. I feel the staff one should be Poll based