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  1. This is the central HUB for all things StadsCast on Empire Minecraft, this thread contains links to all my videos and the threads for the corresponding playlists... Please only post broad statements here, things which relate to either events you would like me to record and upload or things I can improve upon globally.

    I will happily answer any questions you have and will make an FAQ for excessively asked questions ;)

    If you would like me to record (and upload) footage from an event you're holding just PM me about it and I'll see what I can do :) Any tutorials for things such as modding or building stuff in Minecraft I'm also happy to do just ask me in a post or via PM.

    Some videos may contain content from other servers either in the video or in the description. Please disregard this information as advertising as I'm not intentionally advertising!

    Here are a few links:
  2. New video today! Pokémon Fire Red; #1 Pallet Town

    Thanks in advance for your support guys :D
  3. Today's video! Episode 2 in my Plants Vs Zombies series!

    Thanks again for your support everyone! :D
  4. Another video :D World of Goo; #1

    Hope you like it :)
  5. Today's video is another World of Goo!

    Enjoy! :)
  6. Thank you for the feedback!
    Can you please expand upon 'Needs sound' as I'm not sure what you mean... I have an intro that includes audio composed by me as well as an outro with music composed by me... Throughout the video I attempt to commentate to the best of my ability ;)