[StadsCast] Survival Games

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    I sometimes play some Survival Games when I'm bored... This thread will supply you with the relevant links to find the videos I have uploaded containing content of me PvPing...

    If you would like to team with me whilst playing this game mode please send me a PM portraying your interest and I will forward you the details ;) Please bear in mind in order team with me I expect that you will either talk through Steam chat on a channel I set up or using Skype. Any of the footage can be uploaded to YouTube if you are not okay with that please inform me prior and I will not record it ;)

    By watching the videos you understand that they contain content from a server other than EMC, the rules on these servers may be different. I am not attempting to advertise the other server so please do not think that I am. If you agree you can open the next spoiler...
  2. Yay lol I cannot wait for the one we recorded today :D
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