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    This series with involve non-empire features, this is due to it being a VOLTZ let's play which is a modpack for vanilla Minecraft. At the moment this series is single player however in the near future I hope to introduce some of my RL friends to the series.

    I hope you all enjoy this series, any VOLTZ knowledge you have will be much appreciated in the comments section on the video or through a post on this thread ;)

  2. First episode just released :D

    Really hope you guys enjoy it ;)
    Sorry about the odd cursor... Don't know how that got there :p
  3. i <3 voltz
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  4. I'll be releasing more videos soon, especially of VOLTZ... It's just at the moment I'm looking for some recording software, my interest is either PlayClaw or possibly Mirillis Action! Any others out there that are good (no FRAPS, DxTory or Bandicam recomendations please)?
  5. Episode 2 released! :D
  6. Episode 3 is out!!!
  7. if you are savvy, many videocards have hidden integrated recording software on them. its difficult even for me tho and im no novice
  8. I have heard of that in some video cards however mine is just a simple AMD Radeon and thus I don't think it can do that ;) I am actually going with DxTory as since I have spent months of researching different software I've found it to be a pretty good candidate. I don't have it just yet although hopefully in the next week.
    The videos I have been posting of VOLTZ were recorded using my old method and so they are bad quality :(
  9. Episode 4!
  10. Episode 5!!!