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    I play World of Goo both on the computer and on my phone and to be completely honest I'm a huge fan, I thought it would be awesome to share my happiness with other people and so constructed this videos series :D Hope you guys enjoy my videos :)

  2. I hope you do not take this in a bad way but are you a girl?
  3. I am not a girl, it's alright though... Only 14 ;)
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  4. Thank you :D
  5. No offence, but are you american? or something else? im canadian :)
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  6. I'm Australian, although you may experience some of my horrible attempts of accents in videos :p
  7. No offence, but are you a human?
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  8. lol, Yes I am a human. :3
  9. Making fun of me?
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  10. I thought we were asking stads what he was.
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  11. Yes but I did not know he was a he, he sounds like a she in my opinion. And your question is plain outrageous.
  12. Stop... You guys are way off topic... start talking about goo more!
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  13. Never heard of this game before today.
  14. Same here :D
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  15. It's really fun, you should try it.
    You can buy it on your computer (PC/MAC/LINUX) through Steam here, or on your iPhone/iPod here & on your iPad here.
  16. If i was to buy a game on steam... it would be left for dead 2 or don't starve.
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  17. I'm not saying you have too however being an owner of Don't Starve it does have it's ups and downs... I quite enjoy playing it though perhaps when one of these series get boring I'll make a Don't Starve series :D It's hard to say which is better but they are different both with great artistic graphics ;)
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  18. New video out today, World of Goo episode 4!
    Hope you enjoy this video guys :D
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