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  1. I don't, really, have anyone to talk to in my life, so here I go dumping on whomever reads this.

    I just finished filling out my Social Security Insurance application. Seeing it all on paper made me realize exactly how broken in the head I am from a trauma that happened 20 years ago. From what the DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) Social Security is no longer awarded for purely mental traumas, you must have a physical issue as well. The Social Security office called me and stated that my symptoms were so sever that they sent me an application, my only physical issues are related to the additional weight I gained due to my social/mental/emotional issues.
    Wish me Luck, Appointment's tomorrow.

    You really don't want to know what the trauma 20 years ago was... bad enough to be repressed until anxiety therapy let me recall the "attack". if you don't believe me and really really want to know send me a private chat and I'll tell you, and prove you didn't want to know.
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  2. Best of luck to you. I am sure, seeing how strong-willed you are now, that you will overcome this.

    Remember, you always have us to talk to!
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  3. I too am going through the application process. I wish you the best and if you need someone to talk to that understands anxiety and mental/emotional issues, feel free to message me.
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  4. Meh... Yeah, some things become different once you get confronted by them up close. Like in your case a completely written out summing up of things.. As to those changes you mentioned; it's always the same story (in my opinion); the bad guys ruin things for the good guys, at least that's how it often looks like to me (in my country obviously).

    You know... People abuse the system, some get confronted with their behavior but instead of focusing themselves fully on the people who do the abuse and acting against it most institutes will chose for what I call the easy way out: trying to make it harder to abuse the system by implementing several changes. While it may have some positive effects it also often results in making the lives of the people who did not violate the system a lot harder...

    I get the impression that might be the same in this case, and I can well understand that its not very pleasant :confused:

    Absolutely, best of luck to you!

    Really hope that things will work out for you.
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  5. SSI interview done, went well... I htink. Now to wait 3-8 months for the decision. Now I'm waiting on SSI and military disability to process. Yay!:eek:
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  6. Well, at least that's over and done with (sort off). Now you can focus your attention to other, more pleasant, issues at the time I hope... I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you though!

    For the record; I didn't like your first post because well, I only hit that when there's something to like and to be honest that doesn't seem to be the case there (I'm kinda picky there, also don't want to risk and send out the wrong signals / impressions).

    But yah... really hope you can put this aside for the time and sort off pick up where you left off.
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