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  1. After some concerns from players, we've decided to post a more full picture of exactly how Square works, to help you have a bigger understanding on why some things are the way they are, and why some moderation actions are taken.

    When you report a player, the report is sent to Square. We can view reports from our Dashboard (Square's homepage). A report visible on the Dashboard looks like this:
    As you can see, we can't view who reported the player from where we claim reports (although we can see the name of the reporter if we view a player's Square Profile, and we're automatically shown it after we claim the report).

    We have two options which we can immediately do when we view a report from our Dashboard: Claim, or Unflag. Claiming a report means that you are acting on it. Unflagging removes the report from Square without any action being taken.

    When a report is claimed, the staff member can use Square's functions to look into its validity. They can also contact the reporter if they suspect that they will have more info on the report. After a report has been verified, the staff member can then kick, ban, or add a staff note to the player, and then close the report. If the report ends up being invalid, the staff member can simply close the report without taking action. This means that false reports do not count against you in any way.

    Staff are also able to unclaim reports that they're unable to deal with.

    Square logs a variety of events to ensure the safety of all players. These events include rupee transactions, deaths, group changes, residence claims, and chat. No Square logs are viewable in realtime.

    Staff are able to filter logs by server, event type and player. They are also able to filter chat by channel. Chat channel logs (T, L, R, M, G and S) are viewed separately from /tell logs. All staff are able to view chat channel logs, whereas only Senior Staff and Admins are able to view /tell logs.

    These logs are only checked when needed for moderation action; for example: if you are reported. However, for chat channel logs, it is possible that your messages could be seen if you have not been reported (eg: if a staff member filters by server, instead of by player). As /tell logs are stored completely separately, it's not possible for them to accidentally be viewed.

    Staff will never purposely intrude on any logged chat, but we cannot guarantee that we won't see something private if said in a chat channel, as we may have our filters set to something that causes your message to show up. Staff will always keep private messages confidential though.

    Square Profiles
    Every player that connects to EMC has a Square Profile, used to track moderation actions. Here's Electric_Hamster's:

    As you can see, when we view your Square Profile, it's designed so that we don't accidentally see anything private. We have to intentionally click a button to view any data that hasn't been specifically left by staff to be viewed by other staff.

    The Square Profile pages are designed to be quick to view information when you need it, but to hide anything that doesn't need to be seen at that exact moment.

    We hope that this post addresses any concerns that you may potentially have with Square. If you still have any, then we recommend you contact IcecreamCow via forum PM, who will be more than happy to address them.
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  3. Good to see that EMC is giving players more insight everyday. Transparency is very important!
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    Good guide though, hopefully this will put some concerns to ease :)
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  5. Thanks for the updated version of the old square explanation thread =)

    I love how this one shows a screenshot too.
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  6. Cool! Was always curious about this :p
  7. WTB: my notes section. lol
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  10. We hid the button "Destroy the Economy" from Aikar. It's somewhere on square but hopefully he doesn't find it again. ;DDDD
  11. i would love to see my deaths tab if it goes back the whole two years XD ive had a few very funny ones :D
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  13. I wonder how many people reported me...
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    LOL I have no doubts here....
    I could make guesses too....having to deal with auctions, bonus items, grinders...list could go on. lol
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  16. To clarify, I know this was mentioned in another thread. Chat logs are not ever rolling in 'live'. It is simply "history". now in theory if I pressed that *refresh* button often enough it would simulate live - but I have better things to do with my life.
  17. Not to mention that the performance of them is... slow due to the size of the database =P
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  18. Hmm more basic than I first thought! Well the layout :p
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