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  1. Due to the bug from the most recent update, some players had special mobs despawn.

    This only happened if the chunk that the mob was located in was loaded during the time the bug was present, less than a few days. It is now fixed, so there should not be any more losses.

    To better help the Senior Staff and myself replace the lost mobs, we have a form designed for you to fill out below. Please fill out the form PER MOB and follow instructions closely to make the process less of a hassle for you and us both.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this bug has caused and will work to replace despawned mobs as fast as possible.

  2. Thanks for fixing it, it will be helpful for me I've never killed a Bliz before. :D

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  3. When I find out just how many Blizz Ard's I lost, I will post a form for every single one of them.

    And my super turkeys.
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  4. Don't you need the server name, and possibly world (waste/wild) as well? I can't find them in the form.
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  5. doy, the wrong image is showing...fixing in one sec

    edit: fixed
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  6. So just to be clear I have to post one for every mob? I have 9 missing Blizz's and 3 missing Turkey's.

    That's like 11 too many forms.
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  7. It makes it the absolute easiest and clean-cut for staff to perform things accurately. So yes.
  8. I only had 1 of each trappped but several out around my outpost. Are we eligible to replace them all or just the ones we had trapped?
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  9. i think you are getting this wrong :p
    this is not a way to get a free blizz :p
  10. Were they free-roaming outside the outpost, or milling about in it?

    • If free-roaming outside of outpost where players simply just haven't killed them yet, then that does not qualify for replacement.
    • Being in the outpost as 'pets', then give coordinate of where you want them placed. And include note that you know they are not held in.
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  11. Alright, forms posted. I'll keep looking for that picture for proof I guess.
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  12. I'll get to filling out this later ! I feel Runder's pain... 11 forms to fill out. Will be worth it though, to see the special "pets" back where they were :p. Thanks Krysyy and SS / everyone helping out with the replacements ! It's a lot of work, but it's much appreciated :)
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  13. That was a fast response. Thanks again =)
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  14. Is there a time frame we need to send in a request by? Can't get to my outpost atm.
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  15. Just send it in when you can. Obviously you want to get it in relatively soon, but we aren't stopping after 48 hours or any of that. We'll put up a post for last call.
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  16. Also, do we need picture proof that the mobs were there? I don't have any screenshots of these mobs trapped, just the original traps they were in :confused: If that's the only way we can get them replaced, that's okay -- we can just trap more when the time comes late in the year again, but I figured I'd check.
  17. Nope. Just fill out the form. We'll handle the proof side.
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  18. Okay -- Thank you, Krysyy :)
  19. It would appear that not even a bug can free my prisoners from their cages:


    (Forgot I had an alt out there :p) I guess unloaded chunks were not affected?
  20. Thanx SS, for the chance to get them replaced. Will head to each location and get the form put in. :)

    P.S can I had one trapped in my witch farm with the golem, can I get I have it moved?
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