Sparx's TBGs: The Vending Machine of Power

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  1. Welcome to Sparx's TBGs! (TBG stands for Text Based Game)

    What is The Vending Machine of Power? Basically, somebody posts what they insert into the vending machine, and the next poster decides what comes out.

    1. No double posting.
    2. Have fun.
    3. Eat a swagmuffin.

    I'll start.

    I insert a gold coin. (so cliche lol)
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  2. One gold-plated plastic coin comes out, allowing you to fool your friends into thinking you have a real gold coin.
    Also, am I supposed to start the next one, or does the person after me do that?
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  3. So, when I decide what comes out, do I also put something new in?
  4. Start the next one.
  5. Nothing comes out since you 2 put nothing in.

    I put in a squirrel.
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  6. You get a nut. (so cliche very wow)

    I put in a LAZAR.
  7. out comes a twerking monkey

    i put in a Wii
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  8. Out comes a N64.

    I put in a tree
  9. Out comes a coconut.

    I put in doge.
  10. You get a book titled "Worst Internet Memes: 2006-2014".

    I put in a swagmuffin.
  11. You get a bunch of kids sagging.

    I put in a potato
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  12. you get a carrot

    i put in a enderdragon
  13. An egg comes out.

    I put in a vending machine. Problem?
  14. A dollar comes out.

    I put in MySpace
  15. MyReturn comes out.

    I put in a resistor.
  16. a de-resistor comes out

    i put in 607
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  17. Out comes 608.

    I put in a lava bucket.
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  18. out comes a volt (the soda)

    i put in olaf_c
  19. You get out IcecreamHorse!

    I put in sheep (much stereotypical!)
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  20. you get a pig

    i put in bodel40