Spanish Schools - Need Volunteers

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  1. I could be an assistant for a teacher. I've taken Spanish 4 years in school (granted, 1st grade - 4th grade :p) and would love to help!
  2. This sounds interesting, so I wanted to give my two bits.
    1. It sounds like you could potentially incorporate written books into this (as opposed to just signs). If so, I'd be glad to help copying/writing.
    2. You might want to consider going over how to type in the special symbols (á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ¿, and whatever else) since most people don't have them on their keyboards, and you can't explain them vocally. For example, you don't want people thinking that "ano" means "year."
    Anyway, cool idea. Good luck!
  3. With mac you can do accents so I could do some of that.
  4. I have a room i'm making called PC/Mac Accent Guide .... I'm going to have a guide show how to do them on PC, on Mac, and how to add more keyboards to completely change them all together.
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  5. I actually AM spanish!
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  6. Wrong spelling sorry, berza means a type of vegetable.
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  7. Really? Screw my french spanish teacher then.
  8. Lol we should create an EMC Skype group :D
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  9. Pretty neat idea! Kinda like the people who were giving Math lessons. I took 4 years of Spanish in High School, but I can't have much of a conversation. We basically learned the stuff like "Yo Tu Nos" etc. I can make stupid sentences:

    Donde es mi perro? Tengo monto un bicicleta. La Biblioteca es muy tranquilo, AND everyone's favorite: Tengo un gato en mis pantalones. :rolleyes:
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  10. Oh god why.
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  11. Because my Spanish teacher was a lady from Missouri who took Spanish class and decided she should become a spanish teacher. We didn't have enough time to cram everything into the classes that we should have covered. We could barely hold a conversation with each other. She took students on a trip during the summer which I wasn't sure how that worked, since we were all derp when it came to Spanish.
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  12. Lol.
  13. better than that: mi gato es implosivo
  14. oh ok
  15. ¿Por qué hay tanto odio hacia los gatos en las clases de español? ¿Acaso eso es un requisito ser maestro? Si es así me temo que no podré seguir la tradición, me gustan demasiado los gatos.

    Why it there so much hate against cats on spanish classes? It is required to be a teacher? If so I won't be able to continue the tradition, I like cats too much for that.
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  16. Amo a gatos :) (^-^; =^.^=
  17. "Amo a los gatos" In spanish you need to put an article before every noun that is not a proper noun.

    "I like Yamanqui" -> "Me gusta Yamanqui" No article since it's a proper noun.

    "I like cats" -> "Me gustan los gatos" Article included since it's not a proper noun.
  18. I know - i'm just the simplest talker ever ... If i can get away without using 'Yo tengo' ... and just say 'Tengo' for instance, I will :p ... Guess I need to say everything to it's fullest if i'm going to be an in-game instructor
  19. No idea on the cat hate. I guess because kids are weird?
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  20. our spanish teacher had us combine lists of nouns, articles, verbs, and adjectives. i jus did the most random.
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