Spanish Schools - Need Volunteers

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  1. Head Instructors:

    Potential Teachers, or Teacher Assistants:

    We are all teachers so far on smp2 .... We made a school on smp2 (res 3003) with the help of Steven7485.

    It is still in progress - but this is how it works:
    • we have the entrances/exits
    • an office and place for the staff
    • chairs in the main room for actual manual Spanish lessons
    • and in a side room and the front of the class i have teleporters set so individuals can go see a list of the categories words (example: all spanish food, will be listed on the wall in food tp) ... or all greetings in the general section.
    We will give you a guide to what you need to learn first: Your name, numbers/letters, general (greetings, goodbyes, questions), cognates, food, drinks, dates, time, then all the verb forms (this is an example, might change it - but basically how it will work)

    • If you want to help out as a teacher please pm me or secretazneks
    • If you want to be enrolled as a student - you may stop by anytime and use tps (when its done) or for manual classes pm any of the teachers
    • If you'd like to help volunteer in building the place please pm secretazneks
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  2. I may enrol as a student. Will help me learn spanish in class. Then I might go teacher.
  3. As long as this is done in local chat this sounds interesting.
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  4. You know, possibly less than half of the people on EMC are actually Amerikan - everyone else is from Europe, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, or Austrailia - I bet only half of everyone originally spoke english, the rest normally speak spanish - but when I go on a server, hearing people speak spanish, that's one thing that bugs me is seeing people speak a language incorrectly, in any language.... And I'd like to help people atleast learn it correctly.
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  5. Sounds like something I'm in favor of and may donate to.
  6. Forgot to mention - As of now the Classes 'ARE' free ... and i'm hoping to keep it that way ... but if I have to spend alot more of my own money ... and to want to actually teach people on my own time ... i might start charging people like a weekly or 'per class' fee or whatever ... not much - but just something to keep me to want to be a 'teacher' ... that's why me and secretazneks were looking for more people and trying to make the tps - so we didn't have to do it all ourselves :p

    But hope this will help everyone out - enjoy :D
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  7. Me perro murde asu hugo.
    Lawless, just kidding, figure that out if my language is right...
    I prefer, and take, Latin.
    occupo praedam- seize the booty ;)
  8. Me duele la caberza
  9. I know for a fact that less then 50% of EMC players speak spanish...
  10. ¿Realmente tipos? Usted no dice hasta el español en un hilo español; Si yo quisiera a yo podría decir algo diferente como: ¿Si un reloj muerto y el reloj trabajador están lado al lado y el reloj trabajador golpea doce dos veces al día ... también significa lo que que el reloj muerto es también correcto?
  11. True, but alot of the ones that don't know it ... will most likely take it in higschool, are taking the classes currently, or know a little bit like the numbers and greetings already - I want anyone who wants to enroll to be able to learn. :)
  12. You forgot my country
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  13. okay, i added it ;)
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  14. I would like to enroll.
  15. i would join this but i'm on smp8 ¬_¬ but i may be able to help
  16. When we finish it - i'll be sure to start teaching you mrs zoe :)

    well when we start, all of us (the teachers) are normally on at different times ... so as it stands as of now, when we finish the production ... you could possibly come over to smp2 during a scheduled classtime (or on off time, go through one of the tp- rooms) ... This is meant for 'anyone' :)
  17. I speck much better spanish than english, so I could help. I've taught math before, but never languages, so I have no experience with that. If you tell me how I can help, and I have time to do it, I'll help.

    Hablo mucho mejor español que inglés, así que puedo ayudar. He dado clases de matemáticas, mas no de idiomas, así que no tengo experiencia en ese campo; sin embargo, si me indicas cómo puedo ayudar, y tengo tiempo, ayudaré.
  18. As of now this is how I look at things:
    1. I finish the rooms from the teleporters (they will have signs that list each (or most) items in a certain category ... (example: numbers ... i'll have signs that list those in order)
      1. If I get the rooms finished, i'll start on the signs
      2. If i can't finish the signs, i'll need people that know spanish to help me put up the signs (i'll send a link of a list i've already wrote out, and you may add more or make changes if you see they need it)
    2. When the teleporters and signs are finished, we may begin teaching manually.
      1. We will see how easy it is teaching people ourselves (depending how many people enroll)
      2. If it gets out of hand, all the people who asked to teach (in order) - me or secret will tell basic guidelines of what the students need to learn in order, and work with them, and if they do well we might hire them (if they help is required)
      3. As for payment ... it is a free program as of now, but if it gets too much work we will require students to pay us per lesson or per week fees to enroll as for payment of all the teachers currently working.
    Hope this helps clear things up a bit.

    (Expected time of completion: Maybe next week?)

    Potential Teachers, or Teacher Assistants:

    (I'll put those names in first post; and anyone else that asks) [Once we start adding people, i'll put the current teachers also in first post]) ... Thanks for considering helping out - it will most likely be needed, and will be very beneficial to all.
  19. Can I enrol as a student? And any student costs? I think you should make homes then we can live there!! :D
  20. As of now it's at 3003 ... which is SecretAznEks' Mall ... We just built the school on the side on the main floor ... and all the teleporter rooms I dug down and made twenty rooms .... As for your first question, yes you may enroll, your second question - there are no costs (as of now) ... but as time passes and we need more teachers/teacher aids and more lessons/materials ... it may require payments per lesson or per week .... and last question of the homes ... if we have to expand, when i get membership - we might just move the school period and make an actual full sized school, with multiple class rooms, head office, cafeteria, detention, flag, recreation room, the whole shebang - but as for now, it's still pretty big - but we can keep that in mind ;)
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