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  1. I was thinking and well we have Supporter vouchers, stable vouchers and vault vouchers. So would it at all be possible for EMC to come out with a soul bound voucher for voters or in the EMC shop I think that a lot of the players would enjoy this and I think it may be a good idea. It could work like the mail when you activate it the voucher would open up a tab and have room for one item that item would then be soul bound when you close the tab. It wouldn't need much staff help like the supporter vouchers and it would be quick and easy. Maybe it would work for every 100th vote on EMC and this way it would be limited and harder to come by You could also make it a rule they cant be auctioned/ sold if you are worried about some one hording them. I just think this could be a really good idea and I hope you agree too.

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  2. I second this idea! but i disagree with the thousandth vote idea maybe instead have it every 300 or 400
  3. its every 100 i said any way
  4. I think this has already been thought about. Even I've thought about it. I also agree this is an amazing idea. I'd <3 to be able to always keep my fav items with me. It could be an item that doesn't mean anything to everyone else, but it could be an item that means everything to me.
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  5. ^^ :p
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  6. i completely agree with this and i would like to vote for this too
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  7. Sounds cool!
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  8. +2 from me, I'd definitely use this for a flower someone gave me <3
  9. this is a really good idea and a good way to reward the faithful voters :)
  10. I can see it abused.
  11. Gee.. I could finally have a soulbound Labor Bench.
  12. Thats why you give it away to voters, and have a rule they cant sell it. so they cant be abused
  13. I've thought about this before too... but I had the idea for it to cost a boat load of tokens rather than rewarded from voting. Either way, there would probably be limitations on it. One such I could see would be no FINAL items could be changed as, well, they're final and meant to have no changes. Another might be an additional cost to repair for armor, weapons and tools, so people can't just hoard a couple of the vouchers and soulbound all their armor pieces and weapons while still having low repair costs due to 1.8. Especially with that reduction, a level or two higher repair cost would be a bit of a balance to it. I know someone who would be happy to have a soulbound trusty lava bucket and I would be happy to carry my retired armor set around with me for the memories.
  14. *puts soulbound on dirt block*
    This is a very precious one of a kind block. MINE!
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  15. *soulbounds everything*
  16. yes i like it
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  18. The 1.8 level repair is a curse not a blessing but thats another story, thats why i said it would have to be every 100 or so votes so this way no one could hoard them, it would take a while and be good for the people who do vote, i also thought you could buy them in the empire shop and every one knows how expensive that store is.
  19. Actually, shop is only over-priced for standard items. For promos and such, it is the 'regular or normal price'. :p
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  20. i still find the empire shop a little pricey but that may just be me