SOPA 2013

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Do you agree with SOPA?

Yeah, seems right 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, why would they even think that?! 16 vote(s) 100.0%
  1. Yeah, SOPA is back... -.-
    If you didn't know already, SOPA is a group of people that think it's right to prosecute people (put them in jail) if they post anything that contains copyright. They also want to shut down websites that contain anything copyright
    So YouTube - Gone
    Facebook & Twitter - Gone
    Igmur, Instagram - Gone
    Even here would go! We have copyright characters on our signatures and profile pictures!

    Me and many many others could be put in jail just for drawings a fan art
    Say I drew Pikachu

    And posted it on the Colours! Gallery
    If SOPA goes ahead I could be sent to jail and have a criminal record just for that!

    Now I'm not asking for much, I'm just asking for you to sign the petition to stop this stupid group

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  2. signed it three years ago when it came out
  3. "Created: Aug 22, 2013"
    You might want to sign it again, they we're stopped 3 years ago but they're back again :(
  4. What a silly group, basically everything on the internet nowadays is copyrighted!
    Edit- Signed! :D
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  5. It comes back every year or so, and it gets shot don every time.
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  6. Lol wtf? These people need to find something better to do with their time xP
  7. Empire Minecraft would be forced to shut down, or monitor EVERYTHING before it's allowed onto the forums.
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  8. SOPA?

    Signing now. :) I love Sword Art Online's characters like a fat kid loves cake. :D
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  9. Another SAO fan?!
    Yes! :D
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  10. wow lol, I wonder where you got that picture from?
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  11. You couldn't tell from my Kirito skin right over here?
  12. Probably copyrighted. EMC is now going to be shut down (If SOPA is approved)
  13. Yeah, I wonder too....
  14. Let's just say I borrowed it without asking. ;)
  15. I'm not even worried about this anymore, its too dumb to get approved :p I'll sign anyways though.
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  16. Miner333, get the team ready :p
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  17. Somehow, living in Europe means having like 50% less idiots and morons. (yeah, we still have those, that's the other half). So, if they'd ever try something like this in Europe, it'd be shot down practically instantly.

    Also, i don't think we have those idiotic politicians saying stuff like: "I'm proud to be signing stuff like this without knowing a damn about it :D"
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  18. We love this little SOPA's desktops, the information on them goes to the Internet

    Oh btw, SOPA, if your reading this, I hope you fail as much as US did when they wanted Bradley back.

    Also love the new bill of rights

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  19. funny cause it originated from europe and is ratified in 13 countries there
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  20. They prolly found out that the chance of pulling this off in Europe would be lower than 0%.