Sooooo... I'm... Back? [Cuervo's amazing presentation]

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  1. Hello there everybody!
    Well, first off, I'd like to introduce myself: I'm an eighteen years old student of Physical Activity and Sports's Sciences in Valencia-Spain, and my main hobbies have always been sports and games (sounds weird I know). Anyway, I've always been so passionate with games, got my first computer at the age of seven, and I've been playing MMO's pretty much since then, aaaand, to be more specific, I've been playing Minecraft since beta 1.7.1(;)).

    I'm always going from one way to another, and I don't want to lie, I'd love to be in this server for a long, long time but... I don't know if it will be possible. Despite my lack of consistency, I'm enjoying the community a lot (I'll make a post later to find friends to play with, I'd be so happy going to the mine in a group, living near someone or things like that :) ), and I've already seen that the staff really cares about our simple mortal souls (which is gratifying).

    I'll finish this saying that every single one of you is awesome and hope to see you all in-game, maybe gatherings resources, maybe on an event... If you need any help, I'll be pleased to help anyone any way I can ^^.

    With love.

    Edit: PD: Oh jezz. I forgot to explain the title of the post ._.' Apparently, I've been user for 1385 days xD (maybe just popped randomly or it can be a data error, but I'm happy about it anyway)

    Edit 2: I forgot something AGAIN, I'm looking for people to play live/play with, I don't care which server you are into, I'll just move there, if you're an small group or even a single person near my time zone (GMT +2, 17:29 when I'm writing this), please please please contact with me via PM or in-game (I'm normally on smp9), I'm always looking for someone to play with and I love to do everything I can to go in group, help others, anything. Thanks so much.
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, Cuervo :) If you need any help at all then feel free to ask us! I hope that you thoroughly enjoy yourself here!
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  3. Haha, you have now been ensnared in our trap. There is no escape.

    I lurk around on 8 if ya need me, or just wanna have a chat about the economics of potatoes. Either is good.
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  4. I love Cuervo too.
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  5. Ye have yet to greet me laddy! Welcome to the Empire where Foxy Roams :)

    I lurk mostly on smp6 ;)
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  6. All the cool kids hang out on 8. That's why I'm on 5.
  7. Woah, didn't expect so many fast responses :eek:. This community is amazing!

    Thank you so much.

    PD: I've added a PD to my post as I've forgot to explain the title :oops:.
  8. I'd say welcome to the Empire but I guess it's too late for that. So: welcome BACK to the Empire. I just logged off (stuff to do) so I have no idea on what SMP (server) you landed on but we'll see :) As far as consistency goes; coming back to EMC everytime can be considered as such too. Its not that weird that you need a break from time to time.

    So yeah... Nice to meet you, and I hope you'll have fun here ;)
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  9. I'm on smp1 if you want to hang out.
    I played CoD4 when I was six on my Xbox 360, I now have 3 consoles (4 if you count my 10 year old PSP), and have been hooked on CoD since then. =P

    Also, if you have PSN+, feel free to add me. I need more friends anyways. My username is RyugaDagger or DaggerRyuga, I can never remember. =P
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  10. Welcome back to EMC :p

    How was your weather, did you have a good time? :cool:
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  11. I never left ;-)
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  12. Not you Shell, our new friend Cuervo ;)
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  13. *groan*
    Are you still running that joke into the ground?
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  14. Well...he took a break and.....nevermind :D

    *hides in corner*
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  15. No, no hiding in the corner, you have important things to do.
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  16. Hope this will become a good friendship.
  17. Welcome! Glad to see you found your way on here :cool:
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  18. By any chance, do you support Valencia? (the football team)
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  19. Thank you very much!

    Thanks! I'm ashamed I don't have PSN+, I don't play on console usually, sorry ^^u

    Well, so many things happened in four years... But it's mostly sunny here in Valencia (x'D). Ty for the welcome :).

    Of course it will! Thank you!

    I've had a little bit of help on that matter :p. Thanks x2.

    PD: Thanks for all the support so far, makes me feel happy, you guys rock.


    Edit to answer a question (don't want to spam so much, I feel like I've done it already ;( ):
    I'm sorry but I don't support any football team as I don't like how Fifa wants to rule the world right now, professional football hasn't to be what it is nowadays. It may be because I've been studying so much lately, I don't know, anyway I like playing football :).

    Edit 2 (kill me please): I forgot something AGAIN, I'm looking for people to play live/play with, I don't care which server you are into, further details on my first post. Thanks :)
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  20. Hi Cuervo. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. Both are great places to hang out. I'm on smp3, retitred, and come on the servers when I sit at my computer, which can be almost when ever I wish. If you see me on and need help or just want to go mining, let me know. Enjoy your stay.
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