Something I breifly want to talk about.

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  1. (Please note, I will have this thread locked the second a flame war starts. This thread will will talk about homosexuality. If you are going to whine about and cause flame wars over this, get out now.)

    So, a day ago, my friend came out to me as being bisexual, which I wasn't expecting. This got me thinking, about how stupid our society is, that my friend, and many others, are/we're afraid to come out as being themselves, that people are still taught to be afraid of those who are different. My friend thought I would drop them and see them as this weird, worthless person, when I really saw the same person I met months ago, just a little different. I also think that schools don't do enough to cover this topic. Both of us go to a public middle school, going into highschool next year, so there is no way that if someone else finds out, that my friend would be left alone about it. I see no problem with this, as it hurts no one. Sure, you might say, "Well if they adopt a kid, they could be made fun of for having same-sex parents." Well, that is true, but that could be fixed, if same sex marriage was legal. I say this because then, it would be more mainstream, and people would be more open, because they would be around them more. I support my friend 100%, they are still the same, great and wonderful person I knew before I knew this. That is all I have to say.
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  3. Smiley faces in plain text always make it better :p

    Anyways, I 100% agree with you legit. You hear people going around saying they have homophobia when they don't actually. They just want to seem 'mainstream'.
  4. I totally agree with you. I am in middle school and we would get in trouble for talking about this even though it is just a fact of life.
  5. I personally don't see anything wrong with homosexuality at all. My best friend of 22 years is gay, and it has never once changed my opinion of him or how I view him. The only difference is when we go out places, we can check guys out together and compare notes instead of doing it with opposite sexes 8D
    The heart wants what the heart wants.
  6. Although I don't necessarily agree with homosexuality's beliefs, I still totally agree that whoever the person is, everyone should always be treated with kindness and respect. I think that a culture that goes past disagreeing with a sub-set of people to persecuting them is a sad thing.
  7. Yeah, schools really dont do much about it >.>
  8. Yeah two of my friends had this same problem with coming out. Reasons schools cant talk about it is because the government and religioun xD its pretty much the whole "You cant teach evolution in school but you also cant teach religion so everyone loses!"

    I also find it funny the government is telling us who we can and can not marry (guyxguy, girlxgirl) then when someone asked congress or whoever why they wont pass the law for it congressmen jump to the bible yet church and state are suppose to be separate :confused:

    But as my signature points out we should all coexist. I had people tell me homosexuals should not be able to marry: yet THEIR not the ones getting married its almost like if homosexuals get married then they too have to marry a same sex couple.

    Also know people who say they hate homosexuals but they have been best friends with one for 15 years and when they find out they are mind blown and then realize how stupid they have been. Pretty much their no different from straight people.
  9. Brit and I were raised to treat everyone equally. That even comes down to Homosexuals, even if our parents may not agree with them. I hung out mostly with the kids who were Bi, Homosexual, Genderfluid etc. and they were some of the nicest people ever. Nothing like what society has taught us through the years. Though there are those people out there who are that way and there are as many straight people who are just the same. I think we should be able to marry who we want, not who society says we should marry.

    I think schools don't touch on it the same reason they're not allowed to teach religion or evolution: So many parents would feel it was going against their beliefs and it would cause drama. They have to send home permission slips to watch PG-13 movies and teach Sexual Education as it is.
  10. From what I know homosexual people are meant to be nicer than straight people.
  11. I comepletly agree, but just a correction you can teach evolution you cant just say which one is correct
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  12. That could be true...
    ... Not to be stereo typical here but if you think about it...
    ...If you have people discimanating you, you will know how bad it feels. Therefore making you a nicer pearson.
    I think that sterotypes are dumb but I like nice people none the less
  13. Sorry for the Bible quote but 'Love your Neighbour as Yourself'....
    What does this mean? Well it means no discriminating despite many people who do even though they claim to be 'Loving'. This saddens me and I hope it changes...
    Nevertheless I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS! :)
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  14. I wouldn't necessarily say homosexuals are nicer then heterosexuals, I know I am not the nicest person sometimes, and I know a few homosexuals who are more obnoxious then some straight people; However, I do appreciate how most homosexuals tolerate more discrimination and torment throughout their lives than most straight people - which in the end makes most homosexuals realize people's true emotions and feelings easier than most others - And can sometimes forgive people easier for having been put through such torment in the past.

    I myself, am homo-curious - and have been through a lot - you're friend is lucky you are supportive of him... I know I'm glad most people on the EMC community are supportive :)

    Amare la vita e lascio che la vita รจ amore.
  15. I think that there is an easily explainable misunderstanding regarding marriage.

    Traditionally, marriage has meant something different than today, it was defined as creation of blood relationship that creates and connects a (blood-related) family and (blood-) related families.
    (Naturally,) the relevant act of marriage was coitus, not the ceremony - compare -> Yichud.
    Compare also -> Consummation of a marriage.
    In many countries and times, a marriage was complete only after the consummation.
    The marriage was defined as union with intention of creating descendants.
    That definition of marriage obviously does not include other partnerships.
    Some people apparently think exclusively of this kind of relationship when talking about marriage.
    In this tradition, asking why same sex couples can not marry is like asking why oranges can't be apples.

    Nowadays, meaning of marriage has much more diversity and depth,
    and it seems to me that this is a significant factor that creates misunderstandings.
  16. About 90% of my school are homophobic, but if you are happy being who you are whether your straight, bi or gay does it really matter? The public are too opinionated.
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  17. xD you should come to my town lol I mean we touched on Darwin theory of evolution but only for about a day and if we asked questions she wouldnt answer them later we found out she was afraid to really say to much.
  18. Regarding evolution ... one of the most important concepts is diversity :)
  19. Can i tell yaw something about me on here?