Something I breifly want to talk about.

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  1. Yeah I children i dont want to reproduce it seems I wasn't born with motherly instincts or maybe I was considering some animals eat their young (no i would not eat another human unless i was stranded in the middle of nowhere with an idiot).

    Im not homosexual im straight but i mean If i found someone to love me for me that took all of me in stride I would love them back no matter what sex they were. For example: I've only ever had 2 boyfriends they just wanted to do the horizontal hula (as panda says) Ive spent a good chunk of my time looking around for that one person and so far ive only ever met jerks, but if i did find a girl that would love me completely not just for Horizontal hula then yeah I may give it a chance.
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  2. "Horizontal Hula"

    'nuff said
  3. The reason you're getting so much flak over this comment is 'cause you're presenting it as some kind of hard fact. Sure, you can't reproduce outside of a heterosexual relationship, but not all love is physical. The bible tells you to love your neighbor as yourself, and also to forgive your enemy's transgressions. Similarly, judge ye not lest ye yourself be judged.

    Also, from my "flame wars" thread,
    Everyone here respects an individual's right to individual choice, (or so I should hope!) and they are trying to diffuse the situation in a non-confrontational way. Please return that respect, that's all they're looking for. I am similarly trying my darnedest to keep calm and hospitable in this post, and I hope you won't take this in some kind of negative way.
  4. Despite not being homo/bisexual myself, I'm completely okay with people that have those orientations, and no one is yet to clearly explain to me why they're against other people from having the right to freely express their love.
    Btw, found this online:

    In nature, around 1,500 have had members display signs of homosexuality, being lesbian and bisexual. So far the only recorded species to show signs of homophobia is humanity.
  5. you know what JTC, whatever makes a person happy, wether it be being a man and marrying a man, being a woman and marrying a woman, or even a man marrying a woman. So if a man wants to have date, have sex, or marry someone of the same sex, let them. don't spurn them, be happy for them!
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  6. Sorry if this counts as a double post, but after doing some digging on a site. For those who use the christian scripture as the ground of their argument:
  7. And if I'm right in thinking, the bible says little against homosexulaity.
    Sure, it does mention Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve.
    Sure, it does say that it is between a man and woman.
    But as for homosexuality, I could find very little.
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  8. Ah, my thinking exactly.

    Also, with some digging of my own I came across this;
    Nothing about christanity, but we could all learn something form this guy lol
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  9. Reminds me of David Thorne, except more oriented towards homosexuality.
  10. Guess it's a good time to translate my previous saying on my first post:

    Amare la vita e lascio che la vita รจ amore.

    That means: Love life and let life have love.

    If I like a girl, no one will really stop me from loving her - they expect me to be in a heterosexual relationship, and I will be allowed to love them, and everyone will be happy.

    If I like a boy, some people won't stop me from loving him, but most people expect me (once again) to be in a heterosexual relationship; It will make me feel awkward and get depressed if I try to suppress my feelings, but the feelings are still there - other people will be happy, but I might not be.

    We are taught in the "Christian" society ... Homosexuals, not only aren't allowed to marry, or love who they like - but also just because they love the same gender, they are cast out of modern accepted society, and aren't allowed to supposedly live a happy afterlife either... Sounds to me more like an old school discrimination with people just saying, 'Hey, because you are like this - we aren't going to let you work for us, be apart of our society ... or even live a happy afterlife - we condemn you for all eternity because you are the way you are.' ... There were many cultures then like that - and most societies still acts like this today. Unless we change something, we will just be repeating the hatred over and over again, until humanity is no more.

    Hence, Going back to my motto 'Love life and let life have love' ... Even if we don't have a happy afterlife - or even if we do... how is our current life affecting yours? What's the point of living if there is no love? Actually if there is no love there would be no life ..... You think just because someone isn't straight, they can't have children? (especially there own) ... What we need to do is to just let people be happy - If someone is happy, then they are able to show their true Love. If someone is able to love, they are able to show affection to someone else with that love and not feel threatened from society (even if it's the same gender). With this affection - people can actually live the life they always wanted, not to feel guilt, and not to feel angry with themselves for not being like everyone else. If we let people be happy, we let people live.

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  12. This does not really make sense ... in several ways.
    Diversity in gender is a natural (and important) trait.

    -> This is just a misunderstanding. (I wrote that posting in hope that it could prevent (this) unnecessary argument.)

    Instead of just "marry" and "marriage", write "traditional heterosexual reproduction-oriented marriage",
    and your statements will be much easier to understand for everyone.

    I'll reword for you:
    It is not possible for same-sex couple to enter a heterosexual reproduction-oriented marriage.
    I think this is obvious enough so that no sources and references are needed :)

    It is not "wrong" for same-sex couple to heterosexually marry. It is impossible.

    Well, they probably won't (or even should not) enter traditional reproduction-oriented marriage. :)

    Bible is a valuable source if you know how to read, translate and understand it. If you ignore that, if you read it without (proper) interpretation, then you will certainly end up with quite grave misapprehensions.

    And given this facts it is a very valuable source that can greatly help understand humans and their problems. :)

    I'd reword to avoid misunderstandings:
    ... Homosexuals, not only aren't allowed to enter an adequate union protected by law ...

    LBNL, between "unnatural" love and natural hate, I always choose love.
    And it seems that this "unnatural" does not really hold for attraction between same sex.
  13. That is rather a rash statement (made with no back-up). The Christian message is as valid today as it was 2000yrs ago (also made with no back-up :p other than this:)
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