Some things you may not know about Minecraft

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  1. A block is 1 cubic meter, which is 3.3 feet. Players are 1.8 blocks tall, which means that everyone is about 6 feet tall. (thanks to kyzoy for correcting me on the -exact- size. (= )

    A wither skeleton will always drop a head if killed by a charged creeper explosion.

    A villager will turn into a witch if struck by lightning.

    Witches can fight each other but won't kill each other because they will keep using healing potions.

    A killer rabbit will not spawn naturally, it has to be spawned in using commands, and will also attack sheep and tamed wolves.

    Vines cannot be placed on stairs, but can grow over them naturally.

    A variant of the chicken jockey can spawn in the nether, and is a baby pigman on a chicken.

    The smallest of slimes can't hurt you, but the smallest magma slimes can still knock you back like the larger ones, though it still won't hurt you. (unless you get knocked off a cliff or into lava, of course.)

    If you stand inside a snow golum, you can see an actual snowman face instead of a pumpkin.

    On hard mode, the longer you stay in an area, the more armored the mobs will get, making them more difficult to kill.

    The sounds a ghast makes is actually a recording of c418's cat when he was waking up. (c418 made and recorded most, if not all, of the sounds for Minecraft.)

    Most of the more popular youtubers who record Minecraft seem to be from Britain or Australia. (this is just what I've gathered so far, and I must say the accent seems more appealing to listen to as well)

    In the upcoming 1.9 update, enderchest will spawn naturally in the End.

    I'll update this more when I have a chance. ^_^
  2. This is good stuff, thanks a bunch for sharing!
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  3. Happy to! Hopefully I'll add more soon.
  4. I love it! It's a good start. Here are a few things you may want to note:
    • a meter is not equal to three feet, it is actually about 3.3 feet; you have this confused with a yard
    • a player is not exactly two blocks tall, it's actually 1.8m.. have you ever used the ice and trapdoor trick? ;)
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  5. Ah, thanks for clearing that up, I knew it wasn't exactly 3ft, but I wasn't entirely sure how much larger it was. And no I haven't used this trick, what does it do?
  6. In a corridor that is two blocks tall, if you lay trapdoors and ice like below, it allows you to travel much faster.

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  7. Interesting! And definitely appropriate for this thread! I will certainly have to try this out.
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  8. Nice!
    And I didn't actually know about the origin of the Ghast sound! :eek:

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  9. Epic I thaught I was a minecraft expert :D Well I am now :p Is it true wither skulls always drop when killed by charged creeper?
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  10. Yes. If you watched the struggle of Vikkstar123 when he done it in his series, "H2M" , you'd see that it's true, and how difficult it is. It took him hours to get 3 of them.
  11. Well, looks like I am taller than Steve, so I got that going for me.
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  12. This is interesting information! I didn't know about that 1.9 ender chest thing :p
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