some players getting mean?

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  1. hello guys..... a lot of the time when i sign on maybe 1 person says hello, i use to sign on and have like 5 people say hello.... people seem to only care about the money or the diamonds... i recently gave out about 2000 diamonds... sign on the next day and yeah not one person that was included says hello... I'm getting worried that I'm beginning to become disliked.. so i asked in chat if any body thinks I'm nice and if they like me as friend... 3 people said yes and about 2 said straight to me "no" all people want is money. like signing on and pming me "do another diamond game" without saying hi. i ssee other players sign on.. its oh hey ____ and HEY _____ how are u ______, this is stuff i never receive any more. well to more of the real point of this post.... i don't like being on a server while being disliked. i want to be able to reply to people say oh hey. well I'm half deciding on whether to leave EMC for a break or for good.. or not at all. plz i need help deciding, I'm getting quite down over this.
  2. dont leave! Emc needs older players to keep the newer ones in check.
  3. Hey man, So sorry to hear that you are feeling this way. Unfortunately people are like that. It is not because of what you have done that makes them otherwise. You never really know what a person is thinking, or what situations a person is dealling with on the opposite side of the keyboard, I am not trying to defend them, as a simple "HEY man!! How are you!" and a little conversation from them doesn't hurt at all. So there really is no excuse for not greeting someone.

    Dont feel bad, just move on :) Feel free to pm me here on the site and we can have a convo there if ya want :)
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  4. I dont know you but you seem like a nice person. :) Dont take things too seriously :/ I dont wanna see another person considering quitting...
  5. Well.. Hi! How are you?
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  6. Hey, I wouldn't feel down about this. Like MR2R2M said, a lot of people could be online but AFK or battling a big pool of lava or something. People do seem more greedy on EMC lately and I recently gave my thoughts on it, but some people agree and others don't. Either way, you shouldn't let your feelings get too hurt by people you meet online and in-games. They come and go. If you don't enjoy EMC anymore, take a break first and decide from there if you want to leave for good. There's no use leaving saying you'll absolutely never come back, cause chances are that will just make you want to come back more.
  7. Well im having to go threw a bit at home ATM. So this on top is getting me down, I thought EMC could be the place to escape it so I can once in a while be happy. Haven't had a conversation or pm from anyone on the forums for ages. Would be nice :/
  8. Well, looks like it might be your lucky day, cause Damian seems interested in your day! :p
  9. Well next we are both on smp7 I pm you, have small talk lol :)
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  10. The think is I'm quite sensitive.. So I get down quite easily. I hate seeing other people sad so I usually talk to them and help them in anyway I can. I'm 13 i have a few friends at school, shy. I love talking to people. So if you wanna talk just send me a message, I don't mind but it would be nice
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  11. I probably shouldn't even bother suggesting an inbox, no one probly wants to
  12. hmmm i cant get on So i cant talk to you.
  13. I'm not on EMC I don't feel like it. Message me on the website if you wanna talk
  14. Well it's 1am and I'm waiting for an inbox.. None. I might go then
  15. Just remember some people may be noobs and may feel uncomfortable chatting. Some may be focusing on building or even have their chat off. Yes some players may be mean and that is the reason but I'm sure you will find that most of the EMC community is caring for each other and in your words 'nice' So don't leave EMC stay! Maybe you could consider coming to SMP4 to check us out!
  16. I think I know what you are trying to say :)
  17. I like you Robot <3 :D
  18. ^ Well i <3 Robot <3

    No homo
  19. RoBoT_ChIcKeN_66 don't you dare leave EMC, the internet might be a cruel place full of bad people. But guess what there's people that are nice too, and they're mostly concentrated in EMC. The internet is full of bad things, and EMC is not one of them. And just because no one says hi to you doesn't mean they don't like you. When I was a non-supporter and I was 20 days in my EMC days no one said hi to me, no one gave me free stuff, I had to struggle. But there are people in EMC that are kind enough to help you get through, those people are the moderators and the entire population of EMC (well 15% of the people in EMC are baddies and it's the EMC's staff job to rat them out). There can be your ups and downs but they're going to be mostly up in EMC, so don't leave :)
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  20. And Robot please dont leave :(
    Sorry if people these days are selfish and unfair. Life is unfair and you will run threw some ups and downs in life. Dont let this be the end of your days on EMC. Just because some people dont like you (I Like you :D ) doesnt mean that you have to quit. If you feel that people are rude on smp2, Maybe go around other smps and see which one is most friendly and move there.
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