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  1. I really don't get how some people believe such things.

    Warning: Lack of logic
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  2. Poor child. One must not blame the pottery for what it has become. Rather blame the potter who was responsible for making the pottery.
  3. I don't believe in this, but that is because of my personal experiences.
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  4. you should see his response to the video after the young turks made fun of him

  5. Anti-Americanism, I will find ways to use this term as much as I can.
  6. His second video makes complete sense to be honest and I agree with him on those points. Whether you agree or disagree with his original statement in the first video, I always find it a bit unfair how one sided this is.

    He's basically saying that homosexuality is wrong according to his Religion and is getting bashed for that, his belief. He's being called things like close minded and getting death threats. However, the fact the fact is, the people who are saying that to him are in fact doing the same thing. They're being close minded to HIS belief that homosexuality is wrong. Again, don't read this statement as a pro or anti gay thing. It's a respect of beliefs thing. If you expect him to blindly respect homosexuality without being able to say his feelings about it, then he should receive the same respect to choose not to believe it's right and state his feelings about it.
  7. He can believe what he wants. I'm not taking that away from him, but he posted it in a public form. Which means people will express their own views on it.

    Also the fact that he himself stated something in the second video that his attacks were directed at an idea, a belief. People defend what they believe in. Attacking a person is nothing, attacking an idea/belief is something much larger.
  8. What I'm saying is, he attacked the idea and in return got attacked himself. They didn't refute his idea, they told him to "get raped" and other various death threats.
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  9. yeah. He makes good points, as far as the "freedom of speech" part. I think it is more obvious that this is a classic case of just having enough fame that people take notice. He says something in a certain way that enough people get upset and it gets blown up more than it should. You can honestly find thousands of videos that say the same things as this, and receive less attack. However, the believe that he has that he should be able to "convert" is a little contorted. And I agree that some of the things that the Young Turks said were a little more "attackish" on him than towards his belief or idea, which is wrong in most mediums. But this kid made a mistake of making a show that circles around political views, which, to be perfectly honest, I do not think any adolescent kid should be to wrapped in. Ok, he has strong religious things, but keep it at that, do not make it about politics, which is what his whole show is about.

    when you make yourself a political entity you are going to attacked, whether you say things that are widely accepted or not. Its just the way it is. People are going to search for ways to make you look stupid in a different light with every sentence you say, and that is just politics. I personally do not even like to get involved because, at 21, I do not think I know enough to have a real opinion. I definitely do not think a 14 year old should be getting involved in politics at such as level as he has, for similar reasons. I mean, you can have your views. But who, at 14, has an opinion that is really theirs? At that age bracket you are constantly going to be bombarded with opinions of high influence people, such as your parents, and family.. and I do not believe a teenage mind, especially at 14, would be at the right state to stand and give out full views like that, and understand them.

    I am normally quiet on things like this, but I am not saying anything for or against what the kid said... just more so at what he is doing and how he is doing it. He has to know, that if he is going to stand and be politician... at 14, that people are going to belittle, threaten, and bully him, because 35-40 yr olds do it every day in real politics, and he is going to be an easy target for the opposition to say "You really wanna be on the same side as this guy?"
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  10. I won't take away your right to express your views,
    But expect me to practice my right to tell you your views are fallacious.
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  11. He said he got thousands of those messages. I'm pretty sure all of them weren't "get raped" and the death threats. Those were the only ones he decided to bring up. He didn't see fit to bring up any that might've refuted his idea, because he seems to think that they are wrong. Free speech is a great thing, they are also free to tell him to get raped.
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  12. Well, I think he handled himself very well.
  13. the only thing i really have against his argument is that he has the right to convert people to his religion, i understand that acclimation has been occurring for tens of thousands of years but he has no right to say he has the right to convert someone who doesn't what to be converted. Two weeks ago one of my best friends came out his family in my opinion are pretty hard-core christian and they are fine with him. one because he is there son but two they understand were to go with their beliefs. they don't overreact like some people. and this just disgusts me how ignorant people can be at certain times. im not saying the kid is ignorant but just the way he says things "i have the right to convert". just urks me. and if you guys didn't know this it i scientifically proven homosexuality is a genetic trait. Oh and friend is no longer bullied after he came out(was bullied by christians in school).
  14. if he was a true Catholic, he would know that God doesn't hate Gays. He says that 2 gays having an intimate relationship (very if you know what I mean) is not a relationship by the Catholic Church's standard. God says that a relationship has to be among other things fruitful (child bearing). Homosexuals are not evil. It is just not a true relationship in the church's eyes. And damn it already do people not know about the separation of church and state (how every little of it there is).
  15. It is not proven yet. They believe it is though.
  16. This goes either way at this point. There are scientists that are close to proving it is and others who are proving it isn't.
  17. ahh ok thank you for enlightening me :)
  18. It's similar to how one week they say (insert food) is bad and horrible for you...then a week later they say they were wrong and you should eat tons and tons of it.