Some of my finds in the SMP3 Wasteland

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  1. Do you have full Protection IV netherite armor and golden carrots? I manage just fine with them (at least on Difficulty 5) as long as I don't mess with the Warden, Marlix, Eyender and maybe Sorgina. (I've never tried to fight Sorgina yet; she seemingly rarely spawns.) I can even deal with netherhounds and Momentus like this and not die, although it can be close.
  2. I do have the full set of armor but don't use golden carrots. I think my problem of getting killed has to do with my not so fancy sword usage. I don't use the bow because that usually triggers low risk, then I don't get good drops. I have great difficulty judging distance to the mob when I swing, my son always laughs at the way I use the sword, so the mob does damage before I swing.

    It's just another thing I need to work on, but not really concerned about. I always setup a bed before going into battle so I have a quick item pickup and recovery after a death.
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  3. I think smp3.

    A jungle tree grown with the canopy in a mesa biome (click for larger version)

  4. That happens a lot. The tree trunk can generate right at the edge of the correct biome and leaves spill over into the wrong one. Also, jungles and wooded badlands often go together, given that they need the same humidity levels (3 or 4) and are only one temperature level apart (3 for jungle vs. 4 for wooded badlands). Two of my favorite biomes side by side is cool, though! I love the lush jungles and kind of like the humid badlands.
  5. It would look a lot less weird if the change in leaf colour wasn't so abrupt, I think!
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  6. That's true. They must've turned biome blend off, like I do. It can be set up to a certain amount of blocks for a smoother transition, but it causes lag. I keep mine off, especially given that I like knowing where exactly the biome change is.
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  7. Ah, I did think that was a function, but I thought 'apparently not', looking at the screenshot. It makes sense that it's a setting, thanks for explaining!
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  8. yeah, I keep blending off.
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  9. dond have a picture of it maybe i do but basicly a normal iglo but the entrance vloatet 6 blocks above were it shut be