Some Minor Non-Tech Changes and Reminders

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  1. I have made some minor changes that will hopefully help to clear up some issues players have been having.

    Chat Rules Clarification

    There is a LOT of work done to this page, notice a few of the new official chat limits that are now implemented and will be enforced.
    • UNSOLICITED auction threads/shop adverts are limited to once per 3 hours per server. Following same bumping rules as forums and must remain in economy chat. Unless someone is asking where they can buy/sell something, etc you should not be spamming auction adverts.
    • Excessive character limit = 10 characters
    • Non-economy related messages that are exact (or very similar) should only be posted once every 10 minutes at an absolute MAXIMUM. This means things like asking for people to come to your res for events, etc.
    Forum Auctions (not reverse auctions) now allow Special Mob Drops

    Reminder About Reporting
    A lot of the community has been over-reporting lately. I think everyone needs a small reminder that we are all (mostly) human and mistakes do happen. For those report situations that are valid, there is an awesome guide many players have not seen:
    Our report system is VERY detailed. When you send a report, it's simultaneously cataloged in square, sent to Slack, and sent to in-game mods. If you don't report, we won't know and we cannot take action.
  2. First
  3. +1 Thanks for creating this krysyy
  4. lol caracter spam 8 to 10
  5. Glad to have this thread, will also use it to link rule breakers to the rules. Can we get the link added to /rules as well?
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  6. I really like the last point in the chat rules part.
  7. I cannot affect that, but i know it needs an overhaul.
  8. Did you mean minimum?
  9. Nope, read the sentence in its entirety.
    Once is the limiting number.
  10. Penguindj do you even english? :) Don't worry about it though, i was confused upon reading it as well. Reread it and eventually it'll make sense.

    Krysyy what i meant was that by doing /rules at the bottom it links to, well itd be nice to suggest a small section below that for the chat rules link.

    Id imagine you could have some weight on that decision since it does affect your community :)
  11. Oh I have weight in the decision/state what goes there, I just can't physically do it. That's what I meant by cannot affect.
    Trust me, there is a whole list....
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  12. It took three minutes of staring, but I think I understand it now. :p
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  13. Great update to the special mob drops with regard to auctions! Nice :)
  14. I'm glad they got an update. This was long-needed. Thank you, dearest staff. <3
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  15. finally a rule on server hoppers
  16. Cool! New rules for special mob drop auctions! :)
  17. Finally! I think you mean minimum here tho...
  18. Already clarified for Penguin. Read posts above ^
  19. Glad to see some clarification, thank you! ^_^