Some Minor Non-Tech Changes and Reminders

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  1. Critical thinking isn't hard on this one. If I am having a sale on something I want to get rid of quick and I'm selling it super cheap, I can only advertise one time before I have to log out. All the points that I have laid out are very easy to see. None of them are far fetched or difficult to understand. VERY OBVIOUS is the term. Obvious that it solves nothing and just makes E chat just less than useless. If the only thing we can do with e chat is ask and answer questions and once a day advertise(besides the people that don't go to school/have a job or otherwise do something besides play minecraft) then why not just get rid of e chat?
  2. Bumping for another minor change made:

    New Player Guide updated.
    Hopefully that should help some players find things faster.
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  3. Like /chat hide economy ?? :p
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