{Sold} Grinder Girl Next Generation Auto Bone/Arrow Factory

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  1. Introducing a Grinder Girl Original Automatic Skeleton Farm

    Hey everyone! I found a skeleton spawner and decided to build and sell this lovely arrow and bone factory for my amusement and your grinding pleasure. This is the coolest grinder I have made to date as it is 100% AUTOMATIC! All you have to do is be in range of the spawner and your skeletons get dropped, crushed and then have their drops carted away, sorted and stored for you in their respective chests. The crusher may be disabled/re-enabled easily if you want some xp as well ;)
    (front part of crushing mechanism)
    (vertical item transporter)
    (item sorter and storage area)

    When I'm using a grinder that I purchased, or borrowing one from a friend, I always get nervous about where to stand to keep the spawner active. I can happily say that with this grinder, you can stand anywhere! I've excavated the room in such a way that wherever you are, you are within 15 blocks of the spawner. That means you can build that netherwart, wheat or melon farm and not have to worry because when you're tending your crops, the goodies will still be rolling in.

    You all know that I wouldn't just stop there: included in the purchase price is a slime chunk with one level excavated and a bonus lit up (but unbuilt) regular spider spawner which can be incorporated into the grinder if you wish, as it is also well within range. I've excavated the afk room so that slimes will spawn for you whenever you are in the afk area and you may run over and kill them at your leisure.

    Additionally, this facility comes with the pictured work area(s) and includes an automatic bonemeal dispensing machine for food or trees. The facility is located on SMP 8, an easy 900 blocks from one of the outposts.

    All this deliciousness can be yours for 25,000 Rupees (or the best offer). Please reply here or start up a conversation if you are interested in purchasing this fully automatic farm.

    Also, disclaimer:

  2. Heard you talking about this not too long ago :) I would pay 30k for this wonderful contraption.
    I Just have one question. . .If i purchase this, would I only have access to this?

    EDIT: First :p
  3. You and I would be the only people who know the location (that I've told anyway), yes, and I won't use it after I sell it.

    This was made for my use, but I've just purchased a double skeleton site on utopia, so I decided to sell this one to help pay for the other :D
  4. Ok and and if I purchase this can I make/add things to or around this location?
  5. Of course :) This area was completely dark when I found it. There are some signs of life on the surface, but as far as I know, I was the first one underground here.
  6. The price is a bit steep for me, but how do you do an auto sort thing? Just wondering :)
  7. And last question lol is it easy to get to and hard for others to find?
  8. The price is a bit steep, yes. However, this baby has a ton of hoppers and comparators, and took a bit of research and work to put together, so I think the price is fair.

    Well, it is only 800 (Sorry, it's closer to 950) or so blocks out. The entrance is hidden, though, and you could always hide it more with smooth stone walls and such.
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  9. I agree- the price is very fair. I just can't afford it :)
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  10. Just, fyi, for anyone interested in purchasing this -- the current high offer is 35k.
  11. So that's what you were doing on smp8. Looks great!
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  12. Looks awesome, sucks im poor atm
  13. Crud. . .i'm extremely far in the wild with friends on smp8. . . can't bye this :( BUT if anotherone was made on smp3 than i would be glad to purchase this :)
  14. No worries, deathconn :D I'm sure I'll make more at some point.
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  15. Very nice
  16. May I ask which outpost?
  17. marg, could you do 18k? for me? :D
    (I know it isnt as much as you wanted but it is all i haz to spare :p)
  18. *cough cough* Hey... I'd take it for 19k if Amused didn't get it yet :p I only like, have 19k in the firstplace, but dis is pretty fanceh. Could edit it to become a disc grinder, which I'd need :p
  19. This sold for 35k, but thanks everyone for your interest :D