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  1. As most of you have probably seen, it appears that all I do is rant and rave about supporter perks. I'm here to say that I have no problem with supporter perks. I just have problems when non-supporters get nothing at all. Thanks for reading.
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  2. Non-Supporters get a relatively lag free, unique SMP experience to play on for free.
  3. Holy cow (no pun intended) that was fast. I agree, and I am so glad for that, it just irritates me when supporters begin planning new ideas and then say,"But only for supporters." I love that this server is lag free and unique. It's awesome.
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  4. You want good stuff? Spend money for it.
  5. I think that being able to play on this awesome and amazing server for free is more than enough to keep me happy, I would love to have some perks but it would take away from the people who support the server's with money by taking away things they get when giving money monthly .
  6. The thing that makes me think people don't understand... When you say stuff like gap just said, well, some people can't afford to spend money each month or they aren't allowed to.
  7. #EMCrocks and yes i agree with jeff
  8. soooo manyyy spinny sigs!!!!!!!!!
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  9. I agree with Jeff also. EMC is the best server I have ever played on.
  10. You can live without 3 extra residences, TnT and an extra wild. (What else am I missing)

    It's not like you need it to play, if you can't then don't,sorry then. You could wait few more years until you can pay it yourself :)
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  11. Supporter chat, a pretty colored name, res enter/leave messages and that's about it. :p

    Although I couldn't agree more with you.
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  12. Map hide and supporter chat, rupee bonus(meh, it's digital money), setting spawn whenever, name color, supporter forums.
    Anyways, you can still enjoy the game without any of these perks. It's not like EMC isn't fun without it. I don't see your problem with not being a supporter. :confused:
  13. You can set a spawn? WHUTT
  14. :p you jelly?

    Also by set spawn he means Just place down a bed on any dimension and just click it and done.
  15. I think he means res enter/leave message as far as i know you can not do this :p Supporter forums are not even that good anyway:confused:
  16. But just because some people cant do that, doesnt mean that they should shoot almost every supporter idea down.
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  17. Spawn being bed and "sleeping" in them at any time I think. Not really sure what the perk does.
  18. One could just wait till it's night and sleep on it.
  19. people who pay money to play one are supporting the continuation of the server and its support (thank you aikar) but thats not the only reason people trust them a bit more.

    if you think about it supporters have a vested interest in whatever server(s) they play on, whereas any non supporter can simply get bored of emc and decide to break rules supporters are (slightly) less likely to do so.

    also many things (like one thing i am planning) are meant to be kept secret from the livemap, thus why you may have heard supporters only. they can hide themselves whereas a group of nonsupporters on the map is sure to draw attention to that area.
  20. That is not true. Ever hear of 621op, or Jlopez?