So why do mobs attack us?

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  1. Hi gang!

    So many threads, so many things, but I really wanted a (somewhat silly) Minecraft thread again. So while I was wandering in the wasteland getting attacked by all sorts of mobs I wondered: why?

    Now, obviously I know: its the game mechanics, passive vs. hostile mobs, etc. But that's no fun!

    Here's my idea: because we keep tearing up their land. Just take a look at the average wasteland area and you'll sometimes see a pretty mined out chaotic area. Surely you'd get angry if people started digging out holes from your house as well?

    What do you think? :)
  2. Obviously, the skeles are trying to avenge their ancestors! The villagers appeared and began taking all of their land and their peoples. The skeles were no match for the villagers poisonous potatoes, and so they roam the wilderness attacking anything that looks like a villager e.g. Shell. :p
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  3. The creepers are trying to protect theyre young. Think if every few blocks you step on, you kill a lil creeper larvee.
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  4. Enderman used to be captured from the End and brought up as slaves for the villagers, so if a player looks them in the eye, they think they're telling them to get back to work...


    Enderman are from the parallel world of Earth, 'the End'. The ones on Earth are trying to find their way home, if any other creature tries to help them - they kill them.
  5. Zombies and skeletons kill through instinct.

    Endermen are insecure and don't look like people looking at them.

    Creepers explode near you to spread their young. I guess that by exploding near you gives them a chance to kill you, thus protecting their young from the most dangerous thing in the Minecraft world: the player.
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  6. Sorry, I saw the perfect time to use this and I used it.
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  8. They just want hugs. Unfortunately they are a little too over enthusiastic in their pursuit of affection.