So what tree type do you favor?

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Which tree type is your favorite?

Poll closed Nov 2, 2015.
Oak 4 vote(s) 12.5%
Dark Oak 10 vote(s) 31.3%
Birch 5 vote(s) 15.6%
Acacia 4 vote(s) 12.5%
Spruce 3 vote(s) 9.4%
Jungle 1 vote(s) 3.1%
Minecraft has tree's now? 3 vote(s) 9.4%
o/~ I'm a lumberjack and I'm O.K, I cut down trees and I craft all day o/~ 2 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. Hi gang!

    It's weekend.. so now.. number 1: The Larch!

    oh wait.. that's probably adding bias to my poll which probably shouldn't... AH, fortunately for me Mojang never did seem to have watched this episode of Monty Python's flying circus. Guess they did see Life of Brian but that's it (even the killer bunny isn't much of a killer these days).

    But then again, no one expected the Spanish inquisition...

    Ok... that's all the Python cliches I can come up with while keeping this PG & family friendly ;)

    So what tree type do you fancy?
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  2. Birch!
    - I really like the look of especially the planks
    - The trees grow big, but not too big, and the leaves don't grown in an annoying manner.
    - It gives enough saplings (lookin' at you, jungle wood...)
    - It sounds awesome
    - It still looks awesome, the planks are a light and fresh colour, and for many things I use it mostly in combination with oak planks, and it always looks awesome :)
  3. What!? :eek: Minecraft has trees!? Must be that 1.9 update or something :p

    Uhm... oak I guess. I totally don't use that all the time :D
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  4. That wood type is the bane of my existence, I use that stuff to make charcoal.

    Spruce has a dark bark but white center. Very cool to use in medieval builds
    I use mostly oak and spruce together.
  5. Spruce, simply because the logs look nice with nether-brick and sandstone, my two favourite and most used blocks in the game :p

    Birch has the best planks though, and spruce has the most ugly looking.

    EDIT: Accidentally voted birch in the poll. Whoops.
  6. In all of my survival builds, I always try to use spruce as much as I can rather than other woods for one reason: it's the easiest to harvest. A single 4x4 tree can net you a stack-and-a-half of logs, sometimes more, and there are no tedious branches that you can miss.

    And, well, I've always preferred coniferous trees.
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  7. Dark Oak!
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  8. I'm a fan of oak and spruce as they both do look good in many builds. Especially medieval builds
  9. Dark Oak :)

    Its my favorite too because of the way it's build. Your best bet is with 4 saplings together (2x2) but you can also use individual ones. But even if you do have a 2x2 the tree won't be as inaccesible as Jungle or (giant) Spruce can be.

    Of course my real story is deeper. Having gained all types except dark oak, then finding one by accident, having enough time to chop some down and get one sapling and using that to get 2, then 4 and then I got access to dark oak 2x2's.

    Yes; Minecraft has wood ;)

    Just too bad we don't get larch trees though ;)
  10. Dark oak! It's very plentiful :) It's my "running" wood :p
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  11. time for ze bump ;) also only bump because I doubt we'll see much more changes :)
  12. I hope this isn't a surprise to many of you.

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  13. Pompeii tree
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  14. Too soon
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  15. My texture pack + Birch Logs = favorite

    Turning off my texture pack makes birch look ugly. :p
  16. Of course we know what this is it's the best wood. As many know it's called Stone Wood it is very rare and valuable.
  17. I love dark too! The doors are so pretty. But acacia is a close second. I like to use it in my modern style builds. Plus the way it grows is different from any of the other trees
  18. As I own a woodshop, I'll rank them for me personally in each category:

    To Use in builds:
    Dark Oak

    To See as trees:
    Dark Oak

    To Chop:
    Dark Oak
    Jungle (although the most fun/exciting to chop, it's not easy)
  19. Spruce is easily my favourite tree in Minecraft.

    The tree itself comes in several different shapes/heights, as well as a 2x2 mega version, and, in every case, the trunk is a straight vertical column with no bending or branches. This makes harvesting the wood much easier than with types like dark oak, jungle, and acacia, which have more oddly shaped trunks/branches. The 2x2 version is exceptionally good for harvesting because you get way more wood per unit sapling/bonemeal, without having to deal with a complex trunk shape. This is fortunate, since spruce logs are by far my favourite-looking logs, so I use them a lot in my builds (logs, not planks). The only thing is I prefer dark oak when it comes to planks, but spruce wins in every other category for me.

    I like the look of spruce logs more than any other, on their own and for building, and they're by far the easiest to harvest in large quantities. The leaves are great, too, as they have a nice colour and texture, and they keep their colour regardless of what biome you use them in. My residence is in a desert biome, and I've never felt the need to change it, since you'd never know anyway, with the spruce leaves there. Even the saplings are probably my favourite-looking, to put in a flower pot or whatever, and they have a decent drop rate, unlike those of some other 2x2 tree I won't mention.

    All that aside though, if we're comparing just the trees themselves, as they look in nature, I would still pick spruce. I guess I just like the look of snow-covered evergreens; maybe it reminds me of home in the Winter... *wistfully stares off into space*
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  20. Spruce,... Oak,...
    All looks the same once you smelt it. ;)

    Now, Where is MY Shrubbery!!!