So what are you doing while the servers are down?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bitemenow15, Sep 16, 2016.

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  1. me? im sitting at Florida State University plotting what i'm going to do at minecon. maybe ill wear a costume? who knows.

  2. I just got home from school and pondering whether or not to set my computer on fire cos modded servers are ded.
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  3. Staring at the forums waiting for Mojang to fix one of their biggest messes yet
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  4. I'm just sitting here wondering where bmn got that sweet shirt....
  5. was a gift from my gangsta sister
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  6. The lorry behind your swamp.

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  7. Dangit, now I gotta go to work with no time on EMC this morning. Let's all pray I don't go postal on people today.
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  8. Hm, I probably wouldn't be checking the servers today anyway.
    I hope they get back up once, though, I like to get onto the EMC Minecraft servers every now and then to see if any friends are on. (and if they are, talk for a bit (or slightly longer than a bit))
  9. Aaaand green means go
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  10. I'm watching Dreamhack Zowie Open. Iz gud
  11. Well I was watching Supernatural. Trying to get caught up before the new season starts.
  12. I was playing Overwatch :p
  13. Pretty much this:
  14. At work... Closing thread per requested.
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  15. You really like tha GIF don't you xD
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