So this was a thing.

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  1. All I got was a chestplate, I wanted the bow. You can't see it but there was five.
  2. Yeah there's a hoarde of like forty of them somewhere. GL finding them ;)
    bcuz i haven't... yet :)
  3. If rumors are true, killing more than so many in such and such a time will earn you a healthy ban. The spawning of the Marlix was/is glitched.
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  4. I mean wat, I was never going to kill them... :confused:
    I never knew this, so thanks for telling me
  5. I didn't know either! That's really messed up :confused:
  6. It's a thing I heard through the grapevine, but I would ask senior staff before going on a rampage. It might have changed since then, too.
  7. Now, this is just my 2 cents, but so far I've heard nothing of the sort. Also don't forget that the moment Aikar first raised the spawn rates for the mini bosses we actually came in a situation where they would spawn almost every 30 minutes. And they did, I can confirm this myself: several times a friend and me would kill Momentus on SMP9 only to be immediately (1 - 2 minutes later) surprised with the appearance of Marlix. Not once, not twice but three times all together.

    Then we need to consider the issue that spawning is done on a per-player basis. (per player & per server). The per server part got added later on, so if you spawned a mini boss and would hop over to another server then chances were that you'd get yet another mini-boss. And if you are in a group then the chances of a miniboss spawning also increase.

    Finally at a later time did Aikar add yet another failsave which would make sure that a mini boss wouldn't spawn when there was already another one in the near vicinity. Yet before that the group feature could heavily count.

    Now, I'm not claiming that the rumors can't be true (I simply don't know) but it seems highly unlikely to me. Because one way or the other it was Aikar who "opened up" the floodgates a bit so to speak. Everything also got quickly fixed but there were still places where several mini bosses would remain. I once saw a stampede of 3 marlixes on smp9 only a week ago, I noticed a Marlix hanging around an outpost on smp2 for 2 days in a row, etc. Heck; some players even managed to find Blizz Ards long after they've been removed. So its not uncommon for a mini boss to remain active.

    So I'd say that if you let in so many mini bosses then it is inevitable that people will go out to try and kill them :)
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  8. This was information from either chickeneer or rainbowchin, I cant remember which, and confirmed by a moderator. Might want to ask them, though. It's not normal code, it was a bug allowing many more to spawn that there should have been. And offering bans for abusing admin made bugs is historic. The non-Final promo sword from last year is a good example.
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  9. On the sword part they replaced all of them with some potato I believe. So this issue was fixed.
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  10. what promo are u 2 talking about?
  11. Turkey slicer 2014, there originally was a bug where it was not final.
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  12. Right, what I was saying is there is a precedence for an admin created issue that relied on players not abusing the system (hiding the swords) for a fix, and a ban was the threat to enforce it. Juuuuuuust like the Marlix bug.
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  13. There was a blizzard found right before I read this on smp7, about ten minutes ago lol
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  14. That doesn't sound quite right to me. At least I hope it's not. Why punish the player for a glitch?
  15. Again, it's been done before, the punishment of ABUSING a glitch. It's actually written in the EMC rules, if you want to check. Look, go message a senior staff member to clear it up. Ask them about a cloud of Marlix' cruising the wasteland.
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  16. Never mind, no need to look it up. I have this on lockdown.

    "There is a weird glitch that is causing Marlix to randomly duplicate itself, resulting in unnatural #'s of them.

    Before it was something we'd only seen once, resulting in over 1000 marlix's.... But now with the increased spawns it is occuring more often now.

    When you see 100+ marlix in an area, that is clearly not intended, and taking advantage of bugs is not allowed, so if you see an unnatural number, please do not kill them and report it to us ASAP.

    I am still confused on the source of the issue, but will be attempting to bandaid it by 1) identifying odd states, 2) auto removing extras, tonight. "


    Page 2.

    You're welcome.
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  17. Oh, and in the same thread, you'll see that someone did indeed get banned for exploiting it, pending investigation. This was back in August, but because people are referencing Blizz Ards that are still around, it is logical that a Marlix cloud could very well still be out there.

    *Victory Dance*
  18. An excessive number of Marlix's would raise some alarms. Especially since I run around the waste in Voter's Gear >_< However, my opinion still stands. Unless there is a ridiculous amount the them spawned, (like you stated, 1000 of the rare mob! Yikes) Or more than 10, for example, I don't see why the fault should fall upon the player. Just my 2 cents :)
  19. Ok, have fun.
  20. It wouldn't.

    It's possible to have 3 in an area that isn't glitched.

    The ban mentioned was around the fact the user stated they knew it wasn't intentional and a bug, and went after them instead of reporting.

    That kind of situation is what crosses a line. Though it was not permanent.

    Intentionally abusing bugs is against the rules.

    But simply killing them when there's 3 where there's no way you could know if they were legit spawn or not wouldn't get you in trouble.
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