So my SMP2 camp was greifted..

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  1. Greifer please, this is pathetic. Sure, you burned us to the ground, but really, what else did you do? You took nothing, not even from a unlocked chest in my house. You didn't touch my pride and joy, my double zombie grinder. Actually, you didn't touch any of the grinders. What type of greifer are you? Only juniors use flint and steel, real men/women use pickaxes. Come back later and try again to topple the Wild Reach Wild Camps.

    Now, for the main part.

    So, we are greifted, and thanks to the mods for noticing it when none of us were on, and for banning the griefer! :) *Also for telling us, so when we walked it, we didn't have to go to you* Now, i'm not here to ask for donations., but if I ever do, I will only post what we need. The main point of this forum is going to be to show how strong my group of people are, and that we don't topple to a fail greifer.
  2. As a member of this camp, I would like to thank the mods as well. :)
    Oh joy, I get a new house. Didn't really like that one anyways.
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  3. This comes up when tracking a Griefer
  4. 2012-11-25_20.00.54.png 2012-11-25_20.01.02.png Boberts house got it the worst I think...
  5. We are rebuilding nicely but some places were hit very hard they will take a bit to repair.
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  6. Other then Bobert's house and a few small things, everything is back up running! :)

    Some houses aren't made out of all the same materials at the moment, but every house (Other than Bobert's...) Is secure.
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  7. So it looks like theres going to be another grief...
  8. Report that screenshot along with co-ords of the location to a staff member. They've got magical powers that can track that sorta stuff. :)
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  9. Na, they know already, we have a conversation started.
  10. Don't destroy this sign ;) see if a mod has spare time to check it out to see who posted it :)
  11. Your quick little hamster fingers beat me to it :p
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  12. Sad to hear :(
  13. Yeah, it was horrible to see... (i live there)
  14. Well this new possible greifer is also a tard, simply because he/she is TELLING us when its going to happen. So, in other words, a mod can just camp out at the camp for a bit, and wait.
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  15. What? So someone said they were going to grief?!
  16. The sign.
  17. lol. Lucky my town hasn't been griefed yet.
  18. I took the second sign as part of the first one, meaning pat2011's project will be coming in 15 days. :p
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  19. Pat's project started when the sign his sign was posted, even before it I think. :p