So my school is banning

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Stupidest thing you have ever heard

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  1. I can understand why they (the school) banned as a means to keep students working on assignments or pay attention to the teacher. also some people find that the swearing that other people make on the server chat extremely offensive and the school could face a liability issue from that. I know these things because I have been arguing with my high school superintendent about this issue and other issues concerning gaming sites. thus for the past 3 years i have been searching through legal loopholes in the system and found out that all our school needs to do is update our internet use policy that every student signs each year. We Finally unblocked and other gaming sights this year, unfortunatly its my senor year but at least im not buried under pilles of homework so i get plenty of minecraft time after school and during study period undefined
  2. well, the computers at our school are 15 year old macs which would practically explode from watching 1 16x16 def youtube video :p
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  3. They blocked it at my school a long time ago...
    I cant even get it usb form since i don't know how, and no one will teach me.
    I am such a loner.