So I've seen...

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  1. So I've seen more and more members trashing EMC and its wonderful staff. This thread is to TALK about not start any conflicts about it. What are your thoughts on the occurrence?
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  2. Well EMC is definitely not what it used to be. I do enjoy most of the new stuff but some of it I would rather live without (such as the annoying /skip in tutorial). However, people trashing the mods I can see happening because 1. They got kicked/banned 2. Their friend got kicked/banned 3. People are taking #BlameAikar too far.
  3. The staff are the best in the world. People are hating on them because that staff banned him/her.
    Lots of people just don't care about how much work our staff put into this server. The only reason I play this game is because of EMC.
  4. I was unaware there was increasing "trashing"!

    People angry over being punished is nothing new
  5. It's easier to hate then say something nice nowadays which is sad. Anyways just ignore them and move on.
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  6. I once saw some guy yelling at a staff a while ago, so this isn't new
  7. That's common, I get yelled at players that I kicked or they are on a 'alt' trying to give me hard for banning them. Most of us just ignore them until start insulting us for no reason.
  8. #Banhammer
  9. No most of time its a kick or a temp saying "take some time to cool off'
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  10. I'm just too hot!
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  11. Increase in players means
    increase in bans means
    increase in trash.
    So true. You did that to me once for like 10 or 20 minutes :p
  12. I look at our staff and imagine they can't be any nicer or respectful, and then stuff happens like earlier today. It just makes me mad that people are ignoring the rules and making it harder for us to enjoy this wonderful server.
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  13. What happened earlier today?
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  14. Someone went on a rant and lied about staff because a friend lied to him about why he was banned.
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  15. I look at people getting banned for reasons like greifing, exessive spamming, and other undesirable things, and then they go and whine about how unfair it was later.
    Shoulda read the rules, my friend, we did you no wrong.
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  16. People are just annoying that way...
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  17. I personally find it more annoying when they say, "Alright I'm leaving because my res was unclaimed. Who want's my rupees?" and then everyone goes "ME ME ME ME ME". And then I try and talk sense into them not to leave. Except they just get angrier about this until they get banned.
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  18. Agreed.
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  19. To me they are drama queens. 'Nuff said.
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  20. I trash EMC for being too awesome. #thestruggle