SO I went back to another server....

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  1. Hi gang!

    I apologize for the title which could be considered clickbait but trust me: it's not. Also also: I have been away but I still remember the forum rules ("common sense"): don't expect exploding stuff here.

    Nah, if anything this post is a compliment to the Empire, one of many which I made over the years.

    SO I went to another server, that part is true. Yah... Only to discover that the one feature which defined them (not just according to me, but many others who followed me to said server) is now gone. I am sure they had their reasons (I suspect Mojang) but fact of the matter remains that the one thing that one of the huge features that used to be fun over there is gone... "because".

    No, this isn't a rant "against" "other server", it even stops here. The above is meant for context.

    The point here... I do think it's a bit weird that EMC is still on 1.12 years after date. Kryssyy (I apologize, I never get it right from mind) shared a solid argument but sometimes logic can't defy impressions (this is not saying I disagree with her mind you).

    But having said that... Yes, I think it's admirable that EMC is still the same after so many years, the same server which I used to love and respect (still do). So many times do I see comments about stuff dying (most recent comment, points to the Native Instruments forum) and yah...

    So here we are... Sure, I (still) don't think it's a good thing that EMC is still on 1.12 while MC is almost up to 1.16. But I most definitely admire the drive / motivation to try and keep the playing experience consistent.

    Because that accounts for something as well. Some (casual) players don't want to bother themselves with all the nonsense around stuff, they just want to play and have fun!

    SO like...

    "Other server" used to have this feature which allowed you to share some stuff with the server. Gone... I will have my moment of sharing my love for Minecraft. I kinda dropped back into the snapshot (after a 6 month or so hiatus) and yah...

    To be continued.

    (thanks for reading!)
  2. Shel thanks for sharing this and I understand what you are going through. I feel a bit the same.
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  3. Agreed! There have been suggestions made of dropping (some) custom features so there wouldn't be so much to take into account with the update, but I'm glad that path has not been taken!
    Well, true, but I think you're exaggerating a bit. :p The first snapshot for 1.16 was released last week. For 1.15, there were 4 months between the first snapshot and the initial full release, but that was said ahead of time to be an update mostly focusing on bug fixes, and not adding a lot of new content. For 1.14, there were 6 months between the first snapshot and the release, and for 1.13 9. I think we'll be at 1.15 before 1.16 releases. :) But we'll have to wait and see. Edit: You might have been referring to a moment in the future in that sentence, instead of the present. In that case you probably aren't exaggerating. That's not how I interpreted it at first.
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  4. I haven't gone to any other servers because EMC is the only server I've ever found that doesn't gimp the game-play by turning down mob spawns and such (on the contrary, EMC actually allows custom difficulty settings, which is kind of amazing). EMC is still my favorite server, however I'll be honest: I haven't been on much simply because it's so out of date right now. I've been playing single-player because the new features added to the game really add a lot. However, when EMC is updated I'm sure it'll go back to be the best of the best.
  5. Hola Shel

    I have tried only a couple other servers as well.. but this is still home. While I am looking forward to the update.. I am happy to wait until it's all good and stable. I have plenty to do until I can start adding in the new stuff ;)

    Hope we will see you in game.
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