So, I open up my facebook, and this is what I see...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. I'm disappointed, ICC (or whatever you're called now). Check yo self.
  2. In fact, I saw it too! :rolleyes:
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  3. in fact, i saw it too and i blocked him from sending me any more stupid game requests. :D :p
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  4. I open up Facebook, and then I ask myself 'wtf am I doing here? and leave. I then proceed to eat Haribos and drink tea while checking Twitter (where I don't get game invites ;)) and playing (good, non-social :p) games, because, you the life. ._.
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  5. But it's Diamond Digger Saga! You have to play!
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  6. oh no, she's gone to the depths too! everyone abandon ship! :p
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  7. "But it's FarmVille! You have to play!"
    "But it's Candy Crush! You have to play!"
    "But it's Pet Rescue Saga! You have to play!"

    etc. etc. etc.
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  8. Sorry; I can't hear you over the microtransactions I don't have to pay for in FTL :p (They also made their only DLC/expansion completely free, lul)
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  9. i only play games where im better then everyone else brb rollercoaster tycoon tiem
  10. You've gotta have something to do while on your restroom break during the day =P
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  11. I know this is random .. But i really don't like the name of this game ....:confused::eek:
  12. Yeah, I've got the exact same thing :p
  13. Few things, yo.

    1. I only have the things checked where it invites others who have played the game. So either you feel guilty of yourself, or blame FB or borking.

    2. There IS a general setting, or at least used to be where you can simply block game invites as a whole.

    3. It's a fun game to play when you poop.

    I've done nothing there. :D
  14. I never play Facebook games but I'm getting it. I've either played it without realising, or something is wrong.
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  15. Well, it could be FB jacked up then. I've been playing this and a few random other games in my in-between-times, for months...and that button has never ever been set to send people things unless they've played recently and/or sent me things, haha.
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  16. Either way though, I hope the thread is a joke. Anyone who gets super seriously upset at yet one more thing to see on FB from peeps on your list one time during the day, needs some therapy, yo.
    1. I occasionally mis-click on these kinds of notifications, which takes me to the app.
    2. I would rather not block game requests by default, it's useful for filtering people unfit to be Facebook friends. I usually block people for this, but you're ICC, so you're exempt.
    3. Why can the people of today not poop without needing constant stimulation? God damn.
  17. 1 + 2 = again not my fault. If you use facebook, you're going to run into a lot of posts from people you likely aren't going to super enjoy every single time. Otherwise, FB is bad, mkay? :p
    3. It's not a need. Who said it was a need? That'd be like, why can't you go on the internet without the NEED to visit EMC and talk about games about Facebook. It's something you wanted to do, not needed, lol.
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  18. *Gets many game request from Friends on FB.. Ignores most of them cause don't want to play them and doesn't hate on the person who sends the request or make a thread about the request...
  19. Dwight gets straight to the point..... As per. :)
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