So I have this goal...

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  1. Meh um. I kinda have a goal to reach 1 million rupees. I might just do it very very slowly over time, selling promos, selling things, voting, running around in circles for money.
    I am almost at Le 50,000 thousand rupee mark. I have lots of other things going on. Like making sure my wins/kills on a survival games server is a bigger amount then my friends. Killing people with my friends on fractions.
    So really that's why I'm never on and this goal will take forever.
    But anyways. I wanted to share it with you peoples. Now um
    Okay flappy bird it's fun
  2. hehe my goal is to get to 100 exp :p
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  3. That would take ages.
    I predict that to get from 99 to 100 must be like getting level 1 to 30
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  4. I actually got to level 100 yesterday..
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  5. nice!
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  6. Good Luck to you both, I haven't gotten anywhere near 1Mil.

    I hit 100+ once but I kinda had the advantage of a massive blaze grinder. xD Do you plan to use a grinder to get the EXP or just by doing simple things like smelting, killing mobs normally, whatever else gives EXP?
  7. Pretty much mining, breeding, and grinding :)
  8. Em, 50,000 thousand rupees? :p
  9. Yeah, 50 thousand thousand, better known as 50 million :p
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  10. That's what I have so far.
  11. 50,000 thousand rupees is 50 million, 50 thousand rupees is what I think you are trying to say. ;)

    Hang in there and you will eventually reach your goal.
  12. Panda! I remember that! :p

    But here's a screenshot of the levels:
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  13. i read i have this goat
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  14. I haven't spent ANY of my levels since I joined EMC nearly 2 years ago... I only have 37, I think :p
  15. Thought you were quitting?
  16. How:p 607 is only one year, spending levels occasionally, and still stays somewhere around level 50:p
  17. Pfft, that's nothing. ICC has 2 billion.
  18. Pffft, ICC has a balance? :rolleyes:
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  19. I think the highest rupee amount in total I have ever had was 35ok+...
    So, yea >_< I have about 100k right now on this account, so o3o